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Sean Payton and Doug Pederson's golf bet mean Eagles will wear home uniforms in New Orleans

Shalise Manza Young
Yahoo Sports Contributor

The Philadelphia Eagles play the New Orleans Saints at the Superdome on Sunday, but they’ll be wearing the uniforms usually reserved for when they’re at home in Pennsylvania.

And there’s a story behind how that came to be.

Golf bet has to be paid

During the NFL spring meetings in Orlando earlier this year, Eagles coach Doug Pederson and  Saints coach Sean Payton were paired up during the annual coaches’ golf outing, and as often happens, the two made the match interesting.

The Philadelphia Eagles usually wear their midnight green jerseys at home, but will wear them on the road in New Orleans this weekend after a golf bet. (AP)

“We wanted to liven up the match, and we decided to bet and we chose jersey colors,” Pederson said on Wednesday. “Three holes into it, ended up beating him and that was it.”

Eight months later, that bet will finally be paid.

Eagles will be in home green

The Saints will wear their all-white “color rush” uniforms for the game, which isn’t really a loss, since they’re fire. New Orleans typically wears all-black at home.

The Eagles will wear the midnight green jerseys they typically wear for their home games at Lincoln Financial Field.

Home teams are required to report to the NFL which uniform combination they’ll wear for each game before July 1 each year; the away team must wear an NFL-approved, non-conflicting color.

Pederson beat Payton a second time

Pederson and Payton met for a second time on a golf course in July, at the American Century Championship.

Pederson won again, and that time Payton had to donate money to the Eagles Autism Challenge charity.

With the Eagles at 4-5, Pederson is hoping his win streak against Payton continues on Sunday. The Saints are 8-1.

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