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SearchLock Offers a New Approach to Protect Privacy Online

SearchLock protects users from search tracking.Click here for high-resolution version

HONOLULU, HI--(Marketwired - June 19, 2015) - SearchLock, a new browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari offers Internet users a unique way to protect their privacy online. The novel approach prevents a user's web searches from being tracked by helping them avoid known search tracking threats altogether.

The SearchLock browser extension re-routes users' searches around privacy threats by detecting and then redirecting searches that would have been tracked to SearchLock's privacy-safe search results, thus preventing tracking from occurring at all.

"It's surprising how few people realize that their searches are being stored by the big search companies in a way that is traceable back to them," said Aaron Lovelace, CEO of SearchLock developer BeeStripe LLC. "As soon as people learn this, they become concerned. Search queries are highly sensitive personal data that can reveal a lot about someone and we're proud to be doing something to help people protect their privacy."

The company encourages web users to become more aware of how they are being tracked online. Companies such as Google and Microsoft keep complete histories of user search queries for up to a year or more in a way that can be tied to individual users. SearchLock was developed to help users prevent this, erecting a shield between the user and the companies that track them. "You would be amazed at what they can learn about you from your searches," added Lovelace.

SearchLock's patent-pending technology detects when a search query is about to be tracked, re-routes it so that it is protected, and then delivers search results via an encrypted privacy-friendly results page. The extension also prevents keystroke logging by popular search engines, disassociates searches from identifiable online accounts, and prevents an ISP from tracking a user's search terms. SearchLock does not retain server logs, nor does it use any tracking tools that compromise privacy.

To download the SearchLock extension or learn more about SearchLock, visit https://www.searchlock.com

Informational video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZVrlfnP2TA

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/getsearchlock

Twitter: https://twitter.com/searchlock

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