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The New Season Of 'Arrested Development' Is Already Receiving Some Complaints

Kirsten Acuna

lucille bluth arrested development

Netflix / Arrested Development screencap

If you've been watching the new season of "Arrested Development" on Netflix today, you may be slightly confused by one of the gags.   

Anytime a clip from season 1-3 appears on screen it's accompanied with a watermark: "Showstealer Pro Trial Version."  

Variety reports the watermark is a joke by producers meant to imply that they had to illegally steal the footage from the series' original network, Fox, to use in the new season. 

"Arrested Development" was cancelled on Fox in 2006.  

Some didn't get the joke.

What is up with the watermarks on the new arrested development?? Am I seeing things?

— Owen Wise (@OGWiSE) May 26, 2013

Erm @netflix Should I be seeing this watermark? I can't tell if its a joke or not. twitter.com/danielwcooper/…

— Dan Cooper (@danielwcooper) May 26, 2013

What's with the "Showstealer Pro Trial Version" watermark on the Arrested Development flashback scenes? @netflix

— Christine Beckett (@chrisbee13) May 26, 2013

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