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Secrets 2 Debt Relief Announces 11-Book Series Aimed at Disrupting the $100 Billion Dollar Delinquent Auto Debt Industry

TEMPE, Ariz., June 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Patrick O'Brien has taken personal financial, physical and emotional life lessons that he gained from the 2008-2009 downturn in the U.S. economy to write a book series - Secrets 2 Debt Relief - that will help others avoid the problems he faced.

The first of his 11 books, simply titled Secrets 2 Debt Relief, is based on a very easy five-step process and lifelong philosophy that can easily be applied to all debt situations.

The book connects O'Brien's personal journey to a massive economic story: the $1 trillion of outstanding vehicle debt in the U.S. economy and late vehicle payments of more than $100 billion, which were made in the U.S. during 2008-2017.

Until 2008, O'Brien had a thriving business and plans for a happy, secure retirement, but the downturn left him with no real income and one asset: his Lexis lS430 with monthly payments of $654 and a balance owed of $26,745 (worth only $10,000).

In 2008, O'Brien had three heart attacks over 11 months and an open-heart, triple-bypass surgery in between the first and second heart attack. At the exact same time, O'Brien was fighting two foreclosures that further compounded the overwhelming stress that he was already suffering.

O'Brien was far from unique in his financial situation since research over the last several years has shown a large portion of the U.S. population was living paycheck-to-paycheck and was one financial hit away from insolvency.  

What was very unique, yet simple to do, was the process O'Brien relied on to pull himself out of debt - a technique he had learned as a young child: "how to ask for help in a very straightforward way."

As O'Brien likes to say and as he teaches in his book, "There is simply magic in asking."

The win-win solution he gave the bank was able to bring his car payment down from $654 a month to $181.98. His solution was able to reduce the principal on his car debt by 60 percent or a whopping $16,000. (Furthermore, the bank was HAPPY.) Most importantly, it allowed him to gain control over his life.

Secrets 2 Debt Relief recounts his journey, along with providing an appendix full of simple but powerful tools anyone can use to resolve similar situations.

O'Brien is committed to continuing his mission with additional books, podcasts and other tools aimed at helping as many people as possible.

That mission will include supporting a number of charities with his proceeds.


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