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Secrets of the Windows 10 ‘All Apps’ Menu

David Pogue
Tech Critic
Yahoo Tech

At the bottom of the new Start menu in Windows 10, you’ve got a command called “All apps.” This, of course, is the newfangled version of the traditional All Programs. It lists every program on your PC, for your clicking and opening pleasure.

But in Windows 10, this menu has some surprises.

First, you can click one of the letter headings to get a handy A-through-Z index—so you can jump to another alphabetical part of the list without a lot of scrolling. (The video above shows the idea.)

Second, you can uninstall any program you’ve installed right from this list—with a right-click! Then choose “Uninstall” from the shortcut menu, and confirm. (You can’t uninstall any of the original Windows 10 programs that way, though.)

Handy, eh?

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