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Secure FTP Hosting Service BrickFTP(TM) Announces Support for WebDAV

Las Vegas, NV / ACCESSWIRE / May 13, 2014 / BrickFTP(TM) announced it now supports WebDAV connections for those using Finder on Mac or Widows Explorer on Windows. This is another example of how BrickFTP(TM) continues to offer more services to users as a secure FTP hosting service for businesses worldwide.

With the addition of WebDAV capabilities for both Finder and Explorer, users will have easier access for editing and managing documents and files stored using BrickFTP(TM) hosting services. The Finder presents a WebDAV share as an external disk, allowing users to interact with WebDAV just as they would with any other file system. Linux users can mount WebDAV shares using the davfs2 and the fusedav file system modules, which mount them as Coda or FUSE file systems.

BrickFTP(TM) works seamlessly with all FTP clients, including Cyberduck, Transmit, Coda, FileZilla, CuteFTP, WS_FTP, and more. Utilizing the Amazon S3 Cloud Storage System, BrickFTP(TM) is the preferred file server of more than 13,000 customers, including Fortune 500 companies. As a secure server, BrickFTP(TM) offers redundant disk drives and server regions, making it virtually resistant to disaster. All files are protected with military-strength AES encryption, making them HIPPA compliant as well as providing access on a per-folder, per-permission basis, with restrictive defaults and "upload only" modes.

BrickFTP(TM)'s ability to host large files, up to 40TB of data, allow users to confidently create and send files containing multiple embedded images, layered digital image documents and audio and video files. Other advantages of using the BrickFTP(TM) services include the advanced audit logging capabilities, for high quality compliance; advanced notification alerts, such as email notifications whenever a file is modified or uploaded; and full-branding capabilities, for 100% interface with a user's website and no indication of BrickFTP(TM) anywhere on the site.

BrickFTP(TM)'s improved file sharing capabilities allow small, medium, and large businesses to safely store and share files both publicly, with clients and vendors, and privately within company walls. Brick FTP supports any browser, operating system, or FTP program.

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About BrickFTP(TM)

Brick FTP(TM) offers secure hosting services to companies globally, with pricing as low as $0.50 per stored gigabyte. Large file hosting, military-grade security, ease of file sharing and the ability to use a customer's logo, color scheme and CSS files for complete branding makes BrickFTP(TM) the server of choice for such leading businesses as Marriott, Bosch and DirecTV.

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