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Sedulous Consulting Services and Infinity Support Services Merge to support Government Contractors and Commercial Firms in the Cybersecurity and IT Space

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As concerns about cyberattacks against federal, state and local governments rise across the country, two local companies specializing in cybersecurity, IT, and logistics contracting merged today, creating a new consulting concern to address the need to implement cybersolutions and increase manpower across the country.

WASHINGTON, Aug. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Today's acquisition of Infinity Support Services by Sedulous Consulting Services brings together three minority veterans of the cybersecurity, IT and logistics space, with over 90 years of collective experience in the US military and private sector. The merger comes as Congress approves an historic and bipartisan $550 Billion infrastructure bill, and in June the Senate directed $250 Billion for basic and advanced technology research.

James Villa and Omar Demmis of Sedulous Consulting with Lindo Bradley of Infinity Support Services (photo by Nancy Kleck).
James Villa and Omar Demmis of Sedulous Consulting with Lindo Bradley of Infinity Support Services (photo by Nancy Kleck).

Senate Passage of Infrastructure Bill Accelerates Merger Activity in Cybersecurity and Government Consulting Market

"Now was the best time to merges these two great minority owned companies to inspire innovative, secure, sustainable technology in the interest of global, social and economic evolution," says Omar Dennis, the founder, president and CEO of Sedulous Consulting Services. "We're at the sweet spot of innovation and growth within the public sector, as more governments and companies seek out our help, especially in cybersecurity."

The new Congressional appropriations include $1 billion in state and local cybersecurity grants and $550 million for securing the electricity grid, with several provisions for funding cybersecurity research, sector risk management, and establishing the Office of the National Cyber Director. "This is a watershed moment for cybersecurity," Dennis added. "These investments by Congress come at a vital time, given that the glaring holes of so many vulnerable, critical infrastructure systems of government agencies that are being targeted by cybercriminals."

The merger brings together three veterans of the United States Marine Corps with vast experience in the government and commercial sectors. Infinity Support Services was started by Lindo Bradley in 2011 after a distinguished30-year career as a Marine Corps civilian, responsible for procurement authorization and program management worldwide, including Iraq and Afghanistan. Bradley will now retire his firm, merging it into Sedulous Consulting Services, formed in 2016 by two Marine Corps veterans, Omar Dennis and James Villa, who both joined the Marine Corps after high school and served domestically and overseas in various mission-critical capacities, alongside Bradley.

"This is a merger of equals," says Bradley. "I'm leaving my company in the capable hands of two gentlemen I've worked with forever and trust will take it to an entirely different level."

Dennis responds, optimistically: "Yes, to a $100 million company..Lindo leaves us in the position to greatly expand our capabilities in the government contracting space, and truly help our clients bolster their cybersecurity capabilities and properly protect their systems from the highly sophisticated and rapidly evolving threat landscape."

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