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See How Christina Anstead, Kelly Ripa, and Other Celebs Decorated Their Christmas Trees

Kelly Corbett
Photo credit: Christina Anstead

From Country Living

As much as we care about decorating our own holiday pine this year, we're pretty obsessed with how the stars have adorned their trees, too. They have the funds to go all out, maybe even by dropping $6,500 for a tree on the streets of New York. As we stalk their every move on social media (all in the holiday spirit, of course!), we're excited to see what type of tree they pick, and how creative they get with holiday decor.

For the most part, we've been impressed with the Tannenbaums our fave celebrities are housing (well, except maybe for Kim Kardashian's trees, which freaked us out a bit, tbh). Here are a few of the best celebrity Christmas trees. We'll be taking notes for next year!

Kelly Ripa

Cue the feels! While it's hard to see from the picture above, Kelly actually swapped out some ornaments for old family photos and we are loving the creativity. You can't find decor more priceless than a collection of family memories, right? And when it comes to family members who have passed away, or couldn't make it home for the holidays, it's a sweet way to honor them and make it feel like everyone is together.

Christina Anstead

Usually when you think of ribbon during the holidays, it's for gift wrapping (psst... psst... here's a gift-wrapping hack). But if anyone could find another way to get crafty with the material, it's Christina Anstead. The HGTV star paired black and white checkered ribbon and a sparkly white mesh ribbon together to dress her tree. It's simple, yet also sophisticated. Cop Christina's gingham ribbon here.

Bethenny Frankel

The former Real Housewives of New York star shared her tree along with a heartfelt caption about how grateful she is to just have a roof over her head, reflecting back on the years when Christmas wasn't as magical for her. Her tree, wrapped in sparkly silver and gold garlands says luxury, but her paper decorations hanging from the ceiling speak practicality. We love the combination of styles, but more importantly, her outlook this holiday season.

Khloe Kardashian

We're not surprised that Khloe got a pink tree for her daughter True. I mean, pink trees are in and Khloe is here for the trends. While there are much more subtle pink trees out on the market, Khloe went full-on hot pink and we are getting major Elle Woods vibes right now. Yasss! Shop pink trees here.

Caroline Stanbury

There are a lot of patterns in this picture and we dig it. The Ladies of London star went big and bold with her decor. Notice the plant-on-plant action she's got going on here with her red poinsettias on the tree. And her giant peppermint-striped ornaments and elf bottoms add a whimsical touch. Check out Caroline's elf bottom ornaments here.

Kristin Cavallari

While smaller than many of the other celebrities' trees we've seen, Kristin Cavallari's nimble pine really stands out. The fact that it's so thin is actually a style choice and a statement on its own. While we're always told bigger is better, Kristin's space-saving plant really gives the room a mod look. And as you can see, she has a rather curvy holiday-styled shrub living in the next room. Maybe she's starting a trend—Christmas plants! We stan.

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