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See Why Drew Barrymore Fans Are Absolutely Horrified By What She Shared on TikTok

See Why Drew Barrymore Fans Are Absolutely Horrified By What She Shared on TikTok

As someone who's known for being super relatable to her fans, Drew Barrymore seems like she can do no wrong. That is, until recently when her followers saw her eat a carb-loaded dish.

In a recent video shared to her TikTok, Drew shared the unique way she eats pizza when she's not in the mood to "eat the bread." During the one-minute clip, the daytime TV talk show host holds up a vegetable slice before scraping off the toppings. But she doesn't discard them. Instead, the former actress placed the pieces on a paper plate.

"I’m sure people are gonna be like, ‘How dare you do this to a pizza?’" she said in the snippet. "I get it. I feel really guilty about it myself. "

If you thought this was the end of Drew's unusual eating methods, it wasn't. After transferring the toppings, she added fresh lettuce, red onions and dressing to create her own take on eating pizza and a salad.

"I just take the top of the pizza, and a little salad which has basically all the same toppings as the pizza, and then I make a pizza salad," she continued. "I just kind of mix it up, and it’s actually really crunchy and delicious. You get the satisfaction of eating a pizza."

While Drew looked like she truly enjoyed her meal, her fans were not so enthralled by the idea of a pizza salad. (FYI: There is such thing as a salad pizza!) In fact, they took to the comments section and voiced exactly that to the actress.

"You’re done… you’re done… ✋🏼," one person joked. "Just eat the pizza Love!!!!! For pizza sake 😳," another follower pleaded. "Straight to prison, but I LOVE you 💜," a different fan added.

Now, you may be wondering whether this is the way Drew always eats her pizza. Luckily. that isn't the case, as the clip showed her eventually going for — and eating — a traditional slice. But hey, at least we now have a new idea for the next pizza night!

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