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Segasec Announces Partnership with DMARC Analyzer

DMARC Adds Powerful Email Validation and Governance to Segasec's Anti-Phishing Solution

TEL AVIV, Israel, Aug. 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Segasec, industry leaders in anti-phishing technology, has announced a new strategic agreement with Europe-based security SaaS solution DMARC Analyzer. This will allow Segasec customers to strengthen their existing anti-phishing solution with insight and control over the number one attack vector for phishing scams - their email inbox.

Joint customers will be able to take advantage of the powerful analysis of Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance (DMARC). "This technology provides visibility and control across all email channels, authenticates email validity, blocks inbound attacks coming via email, and can be used to create a policy to handle malicious intent at the ISP stage. It is a powerful addition for Segasec customers, alongside an already-comprehensive anti-phishing platform," says CEO of Segasec, Elad Schulman.

Customers will continue to benefit from Segasec's 24/7 cyber intelligence of brand-related and non-brand-related phishing threats, automated response and take-down of any suspicious domains, and intelligent dynamic deception techniques to confuse and trap attackers as well as dilute their data.

With DMARC Analyzer's capabilities, Segasec's customers can now expand their protection with weekly reports based on 360° visibility and governance on all email channels. Additionally, they gain the ability to filter and group data in real-time, and access information that contributes towards forensic investigation, such as a time-line of DNS records, improving the validity of information and providing insight into the development of data.

"According to our research, 70% of all global emails are malicious," commented Dirk Jan Koekkoek - CEO at DMARC Analyzer, "but the threat of phishing scams doesn't stop there. This strategic partnership with Segasec will allow both groups of customers to expand their protection, creating a thorough solution for phishing scams that provides deep surveillance of both email compromise and any domain-based or content-scraping threats hidden on the world wide web."

This partnership brings together two powerful, industry-leading security solutions that fight phishing scams on two different fronts. Together, customers now benefit from comprehensive protection that keeps company data secure and brand reputation intact.

About Segasec

Segasec is a Tel-Aviv based cyber-security startup providing end-to-end digital threat protection against customer hijacking attacks that originate in your blind spot - beyond the enterprise perimeter. Segasec's patent-pending technology provides intelligence of upcoming attacks at the earliest possible stages, running quadrillions of targeted scans that identify even unknown attack patterns. Segasec blocks compromised assets before they become a live risk, because once customer trust is broken, it's already too late. For more information, visit www.segasec.com.

About DMARC Analyzer

DMARC Analyzer is a pure-play DMARC specialist with over 15 years of email deliverability experience. DMARC Analyzer provides a user-friendly DMARC Analyzer solution and acts as your expert guide to move towards a DMARC 'reject' policy as fast as possible.


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