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SEKUR.me, First Secure Mobile Login and Payment App, Launches at DEMO Fall 2013

SEKUR.me eliminates the need for usernames and passwords when purchasing items, paying bills and registering for events. Click here for high-resolution version

SANTA CLARA, CA--(Marketwired - Oct 16, 2013) - SEKUR Me, Inc., today announced the launch of the SEKUR.me (pronounced "secure me") app, the first 2-factor mobile login and payment platform that eliminates the need for usernames and passwords. With the SEKUR.me app, users can purchase items, pay bills and register for events quickly and securely. Merchants can increase revenues by reducing abandoned shopping carts and credit card fraud.

Secure Login
The average person must remember 10 passwords or PINs a day. Forgetting or mistyping passwords complicates the login process and frustrates users. SEKUR.me eliminates these problems and improves security. Using smartphones for authentication also eliminates viruses and trojans such as the keyboard loggers.

On their smartphone, users simply enter their PIN, scan the QR code displayed on the site, and login within two seconds. Moreover, the same PIN and the same process are used consistently on every website supporting SEKUR.me to maintain the same great customer experience.

The app's FonePrint™ two-factor authentication, which is used for logins and payments, creates a unique "mobile fingerprint" that is identified with 100 percent accuracy. As a result, SEKUR.me reduces fraud, prevents unauthorized access and lowers support costs caused by lost or forgotten passwords.

Secure Payments
The app's Scan and Pay system uses the same simplified login procedure with FonePrint security, enabling users to easily and conveniently buy items, pay bills and register for events. There are no lengthy forms to complete, no address information or credit card numbers to type.

SEKUR.me also includes a unique "anonymous payments" capability in which confidential purchases remain confidential.

Merchant Benefits
Abandoned shopping carts are a major headache for e-merchants (the average abandonment rate is 66%). About 12% of the carts are abandoned because the purchasing process is too long or too complicated. SEKUR.me eliminates these hassles with its simplified Scan and Buy process. By cutting checkout times from five or ten minutes to a few seconds and eliminating data entry, the app improves the customer experience and reduces abandoned carts for increased sales.

Additional merchant benefits include:

  • Faster payments: Scan and Pay makes it convenient for customers to pay electronic and paper bills immediately, reducing late payments and delinquent accounts, which improves cash flow.
  • Decreased fraud: FonePrint two-factor authentication reduces fraudulent transactions and reduces manual order review costs.
  • Lower support costs: Some merchants spend up to 25 percent of their customer support budget on password issues such as account lockouts and reissuing new passwords. Implementing the SEKUR.me Login eliminates these problems.
  • Greater regulation compliance: Falling out of compliance with PCI, HIPAA, UCC and other regulations can result in stiff penalties. Ultra-safe two-factor FonePrint authentication reduces the risk of financial exposure.

"Imagine a world without passwords," said Jack Bicer, founder and president of SEKUR Me, Inc. "Imagine buying things safely and conveniently in seconds. For consumers, SEKUR.me delivers the future of login and payments... today.

"For websites with sensitive information, SEKUR.me keeps out criminals using its unique, two-factor authentication. For merchants, it reduces fraud and abandoned shopping cards, which increases bottom line profits.

"As the first two-factor combined mobile login and payment platform, SEKUR.me offers these benefits and more."

Bicer added, "While the recently announced Amazon Payments legitimizes the inconvenience buyers face during the checkout process, SEKUR.me's unique patent pending technology not only provides the benefits of Amazon Payments, it delivers a better user experience. What's more, many eCommerce sites may not feel comfortable sharing their customer and purchase information with a large competitor like Amazon."

SEKUR Me, Inc. will provide a live, four-minute demonstration of the SEKUR.me app on the DEMO Fall 2013 stage on Thursday, October 17, at 2:00 pm and will host live demonstrations beginning today at Station #D31 in the DEMO Fall 2013 pavilion.

"What if your phone was your key and wallet, allowing you to log into websites and speed the checkout process on e-commerce sites with one snap? SEKUR.me lets you do just that. We're happy to showcase its advancements in payments and logins at DEMO," said executive producer Erick Schonfeld.

About DEMO
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About SEKUR Me, Inc.
Founded by Jack Bicer, the inventor of Uninstall and Automatic Software Updates, privately-held SEKUR Me, Inc., offers fast, secure login and payment solutions with the best user experience. The company's solutions result in increased revenue and reduced support costs for merchants and websites while providing consumers with a more secure and convenient login and payment process. For more information, visit http://www.sekur.me or email info@sekur.me.

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