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Selena Gomez unfollows The Weeknd on Instagram

Alyssa Bailey
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From Cosmopolitan UK

Will the #Jelena drama never cease?

Mere hours after a photo of Selena Gomez kissing Justin Bieber seemed to all but confirm Jelena 3.0, Gomez has made another non-statement statement about the whole thing on Instagram. Fans noticed this afternoon that Gomez has just unfollowed her ex The Weeknd on Instagram. (She still doesn't follow Bieber either, for what that's worth.)

The Weeknd still follows Gomez:

The Weeknd and Gomez were reportedly "still in touch" after news of their breakup broke a little over two weeks ago. Gomez notably liked one of The Weeknd's new Instagrams eight days ago, suggesting the two were still friendly.

This was before The Weeknd was spotted rushing out of his ex-girlfriend Bella Hadid's apartment after spending "several hours there." A report came out later that day that The Weeknd told Hadid he "still loves her," and that a reconciliation between the two eventually is possible. Also, a source told ET that The Weeknd had been jealous of The Biebs. "He didn't love that [Selena] and Justin [Bieber] started hanging out again, and he was always a bit jealous of him."

The Weeknd doesn't follow Hadid on Insta right now so:

Back when Gomez and The Weeknd were dating, they made headlines for jointly unfollowing Hadid in March.

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