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Sen. Sherrod Brown wants a chance to grill bank CEOs, too

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    We’ve never seen anyone from Washington go to jail when they should have either Mr Brown
  • S
    Only in Washington DC would you have politicians call in bankers and grill them over a crisis that Washington created. They were forced to make those high risk loans by the very people that want to accuse them of wrong doing......
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    Tom Jian
    What, they didn't let him sit at the grown-ups table the first time?
  • g
    Senator Crapo? Which one is that, could be any one of them!
  • L
    Lone Wanderer
    These people are complete jokes. The only reason I'm not laughing is that their short-sighted actions typically have very real and very negative consequences.
  • n
    Sorry, only one grandstanding event per month is allowed. I only need to know what letter is following your name to know what you are going to say and whether I will agree. Maybe we need a third letter? the D just doesn't cut it for the extreme lefties...maybe an S would be better? Or SS for Super Socialist?
  • B
    He is really way out of his league.
  • Y
    Complete waste of time. It also exhibit for all to see how incompetent these lawmakers are. What was achieved?
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    J S H
    Everybody who works for the bank should make exactly $22.75 per hour.
  • m
    Another politician who never had a real private sector job. Another glorified welfare dependent telling others where they need to improve. What a joke.