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Sensel Demoing World's Most Advanced Touch Technology At Display Week 2019

Ideal for mobile devices, Sensel's touch technology works in virtually any environment and responds to virtually any object

SAN JOSE, Calif., May 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Sensel (https://sensel.com/) - the company enabling people to enjoy more expressive interaction with their devices - is demoing its latest innovative formats and uses for the world's most advanced touch technology at Display Week 2019. The team can be found in Booth #1728.

Sensel’s touch technology maintains its full responsiveness when submerged underwater

Sensel's patented touch technology offers two functions in a single, ultra-thin sensor: Position reporting (x/y-axis) with high accuracy and great linearity for unlimited contact points, and force sensing with the ability to measure force from <1g to 5kg independently for each and every contact point. It can be integrated behind a flexible AMOLED display, a non-display touchpad, or any surface area where the hi-res force sensing experience should be desired. This technology offers revolutionary use cases for laptops, tablets, smartphones, watches, and other handheld or wearable devices, which will be illustrated through various demonstrations all media and attendees are encouraged to participate in throughout exhibition hours. These include:

  • A watch demo (never before seen) that demonstrates Sensel's touch technology in an OLED watch display
  • A rain simulation in which a mobile phone utilizing Sensel's touch technology is completely submerged underwater while maintaining its full responsiveness
  • A drawing demo that highlights Sensel's ability to support stylus with ultra-low initiation force
  • A visualizer demo that clearly illustrates how Sensel's touch technology interprets pressure on the screen from any object (fingers, paint brush, gloved hand)
  • A sample app demo that exhibits how different gestures of pressure enable users to intuitively zoom, drag, drop, and swap photos

"We live in an era of constant interaction with our technology," said Sensel CEO and Co-founder Ilya Rosenberg.  "At Sensel, we believe all devices - from laptops, to cell phones, to wearables and beyond - should be able to capture the complete richness and nuance of human touch. Ultimately, we're here at Display Week to demonstrate that this type of interaction is not just possible in the future; it's ready now."

Ilya Rosenberg and Aaron Zarraga founded Sensel to bring true human touch into computing with PressureGrid™ technology. Having grown to approximately 30 team members, thousands of customers, and several large-scale enterprise clients, Sensel is working to redefine computer interaction to combine pressure sensitivity and multi-touch, to meet the environmental challenges of ubiquitous computing. Sensel's first product, the Morph, won "Best in Show" at the SXSW 2017 Interactive Innovation Awards, was named the "Best MIDI Controller" at NAMM 2019 by MusicRadar, and is currently shipping to customers worldwide. The team is integrating their pressure-responsive sensors into trackpads, displays, and everything else that involves human interaction.

MEDIA CONTACT:  To schedule an interview with Sensel's executive team, contact matt@sensel.com

Sensel is demoing the world's most advanced touch technology at Display Week 2019
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