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Sensfix Selects the NetObjex Digital Asset Platform to Help Power its Next Generation IoT Enabled Infrastructure Repair and Maintenance Technologies

Sensfix a leader in the Repair and Maintenance Automation segment partners with NetObjex to provide cutting edge Smart City and Smart Building solutions

IRVINE, Calif., Nov. 28, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- NetObjex, based in Irvine, California, and Sensfix, based in Palo Alto, CA with offices in Europe and India, today entered into a technology partnership agreement.  Sensfix, a leader in the use of Internet of Things technologies for Repair and Maintenance of Infrastructure Assets in Smart Cities will leverage the NetObjex's flagship Digital Asset Management platform for its applications.

"We are thrilled to work with Sensfix – a technology player with a unique niche in the Smart City ecosystem.  Their strategy and market focus are impressive, and we believe in our platform's capability to play a vital role in their success.  Sensfix solves a major market need in the Smart City arena and one we believe is scalable across various geographies.  For instance, monitoring the repair and maintenance of street lights and traffic lights is an issue that confronts all cities.  Sensfix's pioneering work in establishing standards in the Repair and Maintenance space is commendable.  We believe the secure end to end capabilities of the NetObjex platform from edge device to distributed ledger along with machine learning functionality would enable Sensfix to implement its vision," said Raghu Bala, CEO of NetObjex. 

The NetObjex Digital Asset Management platform's ability to provide the interconnect between three emerging technologies of IoT-AI-Blockchain make it a solid choice for Smart City infrastructures.  The platform provides enterprises and organizations with a more effective means for asset tracking and tracing along with better tools for measuring performance, efficiency and utilization.   The NetObjex platform is also used as blockchain middleware for off-chain processing, searching across chains, data aggregation across chains and more.  It has use cases in Manufacturing, Supply Chain/Logistics, Automotive/Transportation, and Smart Cities.

"Sensfix is excited to partner with NetObjex, and explore new opportunities in the fast growing Smart City Infrastructure marketplace. We believe we are changing how cities, communities and buildings deal with repairs and maintenance in their infrastructure through the use of advanced technologies by establishing a new standard for Repair and Maintenance Automation.  Instrumenting and monitoring various systems in smart cities requires a variety of advanced and sophisticated capabilities, which we found readily available in the NetObjex platform making it the right choice for our deployments," says Balaji Renukumar, CEO of Sensfix. 

About NetObjex
NetObjex is an innovative IoT-Blockchain application enablement platform provider for managing digital assets with applications in Transportation, Manufacturing/Industry 4.0, Supply Chain and Logistics, Media, Healthcare and Smart City ecosystems. 
Contact: Georgey Jacob, Director of Marketing, 855.928.2283, 205594@email4pr.com

About Sensfix
Sensfix is a leader in the Repair and Maintenance Automation for Smart Buildings and Smart Cities. Sensfix is in the business of deploying asset independent and technology agnostic platforms that can be seamlessly customized or integrated with any infrastructure asset management process to automate decision-making and workflows for Operations and Maintenance stake-holders. Sensfix has offices in Silicon Valley, Europe and India. 
Contact : Balaji Renukumar, CEO, balaji.renukumar@sensfix.com


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