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Senshinkai Eye Clinics Started "Kobe Kanagawa Support Program" for the Patients Formerly Treated by Kobe Kanagawa Eye Clinics

(This announcement has been released upon the closure of the creditors’ claim for the bankruptcy procedure on March 4th)

Senshinkai Eye Clinics, operated by Senshinkai Eye Institute, Inc., started the support program for the patients of Kobe Kanagawa Eye Clinic located in Tokyo and Osaka, formerly one of the largest refractive surgery specialized clinics, has been closed at the end of August, 2019, by Ryohokai Medical Corporation which has been ordered for the bankruptcy procedure by Tokyo District Court on February 5th and the creditors’ claim has been closed on March 4th.

Senshinkai Eye Clinics in Tokyo and Osaka operated by Senshinkai Eye Institute, Inc., located in Fukuoka, Japan, have started the operations on the same premises as Kobe Kanagawa Eye Clinic in Tokyo and Osaka from September 2019 after the closing, trying to ensure the continuity of medical services to protect the patients, based on the goodwill responsibility as a duly medical corporation under the Japanese medical law and regulatory requirements.

The content of the support program provided by Senshinkai Eye Clinics is available specific to the former patients treated by Kobe Kanagawa Eye Clinic’s Tokyo, Osaka and others, Japan, and the details of the content of the support program*1 are provided by the call center at Senshinkai Eye Clinics through the contact address below. Senshinkai Eye Clinics have been committing to provide high quality medical services specialized in Ophthalmology in general not only in a variety of refractive surgeries, but also major health insured medical surgeries and consultations in major regions in Japan.

About Senshinkai Eye Clinics (SEC) and Senshinkai Eye Institute, Inc. (SEI)

Senshinkai Eye Institute, Inc. (SEI) operates 5 eye clinics in Tokyo (1 clinic), Osaka (1) and Fukuoka (3), Japan, treating a wide range of ophthalmologic symptoms under the clinic names of Senshinkai Eye Clinics and Oka Eye Clinics. Senshinkai Eye Clinics (SEC) are located in Tokyo(1), Osaka(1) and Fukuoka(1), Japan, which specialize in Femto-Second Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery (FLACS), Minimally Invasive Glaucoma Surgery (MIGS), Vitreous Surgery (VIT), and Refractive Surgery such as EVO ICL, LASIK and PRK, and which also focus on advancing surgical technologies and equipment for enhancing patients' experience and outstanding satisfaction through continuous operational excellence, contributing to clinical practice and theories in ophthalmology. For more information, please visit the Senshinkai Eye Institute websites at senshinkai-clinic.jp and okaganka.com.

*1 The former Kobe Kanagawa Eye Clinic patients may need to request the personal medical record to the bankruptcy trustee who owns the medical record ordered by the Tokyo District Court.

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Senshinkai Eye Clinics Call Center
Masanao Negishi
+81-3-5990-5212 (in both English and Japanese)