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Sephora App Update Lets Users Virtually Try On Makeup

Nina Godlewski

No need to head to a Sephora store to try on its products anymore. Now you can try out a new look at home just by using your phone.

In a new iOS app update Sephora added a "Virtual Artist," now before diving in and buying that $25 lip stick, you can be sure you like the color. 

sephora app

The app update added a variety of new features like the virtual artist. Photo: Sephora

To create the feature the makeup company teamed up with augmented reality, or AR, company ModiFace, according to The Verge. The app uses face scanning technology to scan your face and identify the features, then you can start trying different lip colors and eye makeup including false lashes and eyeshadow. 

The update also gives users access to tutorials that are customized for their faces. For example, it can identify where a cheekbone is and accurately virtually apply bronzer and highlighter to create the perfect contour or help users master the perfect winged eyeliner. It's far easier to follow along when your own face is the canvas for the example, and now you don't even have to get to your nearest Sephora to learn. 

sephora app update

The virtual artist provides guides for trying new looks. Photo: Sephora

With the added confidence the virtual artist can provide, users can also feel more confident buying new products. 


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