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What Did Serena Williams Do With Her First Million-Dollar Check?

Serena Williams is no stranger to success. The superstar athlete has four Olympic gold medals and 23 singles Grand Slams to her name, and has been ranked No. 1 in the world by the Women’s Tennis Association numerous times.

The athlete recently sat down with Uninterrupted and explained that she was never in it for the money but purely for the love of the sport. Williams thought her job was just to “go out there and hold a trophy.” In fact, the superstar tennis pro would consistently forget to pick up her check altogether.

So, when it came to that first million-dollar check, Williams wanted to put it in the bank and not touch it. She approached the drive-through lane at the bank to try to deposit it to her account but was told that she might want to come inside for this one.

Williams credits her parents’ ability to make her and her siblings never want for anything as the reason why she didn’t blow the money on a lavish lifestyle. The mother-to-be said that she had “never ever, ever felt broke,” even though she was raised in a household of seven with two bedrooms.

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