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Seriously? Japanese Superfan Lines Up for the iPhone 6

Daniel Bean
Assistant Editor
Yahoo Tech

Excited for the release of the next iPhone? Well, no matter how excited you are, you will never be as excited as the man who was already waiting in line for his, wearing face paint and a giant cardboard iPhone cutout, as spotted by CNET.

We’re presumably about seven months away from the release of the next iPhone — these things tend to come in yearly cycles, and the previous iPhone, the iPhone 5s, was released in September 2013. But a Japanese blogger and Apple fan by the name of Yoppy recently took his spot outside his local Apple Store, at the front of “the line” for the iPhone 5s follow-up. (Of course, it being February, and there being no rumors that the next iPhone is anywhere close to a launch, there was not much of a line behind him.)

(Image: Twitter/kazuya_87_pit)

Several Twitter users have posted images of Yoppy, sitting cross-legged in his iPhone costume (the same getup he wore for the iPhone 5 launch) and a sign that reads “The iPhone 6 line starts here.”

According to Rocket News 24, Yoppy was rather upset two releases ago when he was unsuccessful in becoming the first iFan in Japan to get an iPhone 5. This time, he seems to be taking measures to see that that doesn’t happen again.

(Image: Twitter/yoopymodel)

Of course, arriving to the scene with little more than his black unitard, a sign and an iPhone hat/helmet thing, Yoppy wasn’t quite prepared for a half-year campout. After entering the store and approaching an Apple employee about info on the next iPhone, and getting no such info, Yoppy decided to pack it in for now.

Still, we get the picture and recognize that warning shots have been fired: Yoppy is serious about getting his hands on the next iPhone, and he will be wearing face paint. We don’t doubt for a second that he’ll be back to lead the line soon.

Ganbare, Yoppy.

(Image: Twitter/yoopymodel)

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