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SESSIA is Attracting Millennials with Its KICKS Token Reward and Cashbacks

·3 min read

SESSIA conquers the Millennials and Gen-Z's with their innovative blockchain-based loyalty program powered by profitable Kickbacks with KICKS token and fiat cashbacks.

PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA, Dec. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- The one-of-a-kind blockchain-based marketplace SESSIA, with its rapid rise to global prominence, has conquered the Millennials and Generation-Z user base, reporting increased activity on the platform in the past few months.

According to a company spokesperson, results of an internal market analysis have revealed that SESSIA-KICKS have struck a chord with the tech-savvy, younger generation, who find it more convenient to use online platforms (education, shopping, banking, etc.) compared to the traditional avenues. This is the same consumer group that is more open to the adoption and use of cryptocurrency as well, which bears great prospects for the advancement of the KICKS token.

"While acknowledging the immense Millennial response and working on improving and keeping up with that feat, we are also focussing on the other consumer groups, the older generation, to be precise. The ongoing pandemic has led to a sharp shift in consumer behavior resonating across industries. People, irrespective of their age and affiliations have been urged out of their comfort zone, almost compelled to use digital avenues and many are finding convenience in the same. It is the right time for enterprises within the blockchain and crypto domain to take initiatives to stimulate these minor shifts into a full-scale global adoption phenomenon. We plan to do the same with SESSIA-KICKS, making it more accessible to a broad spectrum of user base", commented the President and Founder of SESSIA, Narek Sirakanyan.

  • The Social Network-Ecommerce Ecosystem of SESSIA:

A unique convergence of social media and eCommerce, the SESSIA ecosystem represents a plethora of services generating benefits for companies, brands, stores, and consumers. The users of the platform benefit from the loyalty program that involves a remarkable retail assortment with lucrative KICKS rewards. On the other hand, the social network structure creates an ideal avenue for engagement between users as they share bills and earn kickbacks and cashbacks on the platform.

From the business perspective, companies and brands get a ready tool for promotion, not to mention a virtual marketplace to initiate and grow their business without any third party or centralized interference.

The loyalty program involving KICKS is the USP of SESSIA, where a certain percentage of the amount spent on shopping is given back to the user as kickbacks. The cashbacks are paid in fiat. No wonder the Millennials and Generation-Z'ers are finding appeal in this seamless system that comes with an opportunity to earn crypto from scratch by just participating in regular shopping and likewise activities.

  • About SESSIA:

SESSIA is the first-of-its-kind social marketplace that only needs a smartphone to work with. The blockchain-based platform comes with a built-in social network for advertising services, goods, and notifying simple and convenient e-shop constructor, clients, virtual ATS, advanced system of reports, smart-scanner, and additional beneficial business functions. SESSIA helps in building long-term relationships between clients and businesses without the need for any intermediaries. It is available in iOS, Android, and web versions for the users. KICKS is currently listed on PayBito & BitForex crypto exchange.

Media Contact

JOANNE FOSTER, Commercial Concern, +14158003465, joanne.foster@commercialconcern.com