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7 ways the Berkshire Hathaway meeting is like Hogwarts

·Nicole Goodkind
7 ways the Berkshire Hathaway meeting is like Hogwarts

In what was possibly the most viral moment of Berkshire Hathaway’s annual shareholder meeting, an investor stood up and compared the meeting to Hogwarts. While Warren Buffett admitted he hadn’t read any of the Harry Potter books, we’ve all known he’s our version of Dumbledore for some time. Here are some reasons that Berkshire is magical.

1. Warren Buffett embodies the wisdom of Dumbledore.

Who is more like Dumbledore than the Oracle of Omaha? He has an answer to every question and responds with the kindness of a beloved grandfather or uncle. And he’s also always prepared to dole out sage advice in the way of a humorous quip. Who wouldn’t want to be guided on a search for Horcruxes (a powerful object) or a safe investment strategy by Warren Buffett?

2. Charlie Munger is Professor McGonagall.

No, he’s not Snape. Munger is Buffett’s wise number two, always there to back him up and never afraid to show a little sass.

3. The paper toss is the Berkshire version of Quidditch.

The official sport of the Berkshire Hathaway meeting is the paper toss. There’s certainly as much fanfare around the event as there would be around a game of Quidditch, and only the most elite are able to beat Buffett’s throwing arm.

4. It’s a secret and exclusive club. Like wizards, many attendees have something very special about them (they’re worth at least $219,000, the price of a BRK-A share).

Only a select group can attend the meeting, and I wouldn’t be surprised if an owl sent the invites to shareholders.

5. Berkshire has its own “Dinner in the Great Hall.” It serves Omaha steaks, peanut brittle, Cherry Coke, and Dairy Queen.

And according to Buffett, people should stop worrying about the amount of sugar he consumes. He says he’s "about one-quarter Cherry Coke; just don’t ask him which quarter."

6. Getting to Omaha can be just as difficult as getting to Hogwarts.

A direct flight to Omaha? Unlikely. Hotel rooms anywhere near the convention center? Forget about it; they’ve been booked for months. However, the lucky few who do find a spare middle seat on a flight to Omaha can delight in the excitement of a plane full of Buffett-heads.

7. It’s just magical.

It’s hard to say what it is exactly, but walking through the convention hall full of Buffett-themed shirts and gifts, waiting online for the doors to open, sitting in a room with Buffett, Munger, and 40,000 people who are just as psyched as you are feels like magic.

 Watch Berkshire Hathaway's annual meeting live, exclusively at Yahoo Finance.