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Several Efficient Methods Used by Drivers Who Want to Pay Less on Car Insurance

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / July 3, 2019 / Compare-autoinsurance.org has launched a new blog post that presents several clever methods that can help drivers pay less on car insurance.

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Many drivers are overwhelmed by the rising costs of car insurance and they are searching for various methods to lower the costs. Car insurance can be cheaper and there are many methods that can help drivers save money.

The most common methods that drivers can use in order to pay less on car insurance are the following:

  • Move to a safer location. The ZIP code is very important for any insurer. Drivers will pay more on insurance if they are living in a big, crowded city and especially in a neighborhood that has a high number of reported accidents and a high number of break-ins. Drivers that move to the suburbs will pay less on insurance. Also, a driver can move to another state. States' have different car insurance requirements and rules, so if a driver has to pay $200 on his current insurance, in another state he can pay the same insurance at $100.
  • Clean driving record. Most insurance companies are offering a claim-free discount to those drivers that keep their driving records clean for a number of years. If possible, look to expunge traffic violation records. Talk to a specialized lawyer.
  • Bundle policies. Drivers that just purchased their homes can get a nice discount to their car insurance policies. To obtain that discount, drivers need to bundle their homeowner's insurance policy with the car insurance policy.
  • Ask for married couples discounts. Persons that are married pay less on their insurance compared to those who are single. Also, married couples can lower their insurance even more if they are bundling their policies.
  • Consider switching to a new insurance company. There are plenty of insurance providers in the US market. Depending on where a driver lives and, on his needs, the savings done after switching to a new insurance company, can be significant. Compare quotes before making a change.
  • Buy a safe-to-drive car. Look for cars that are equipped with safety devices. Take into consideration that newer models, even though there are well-equipped with safety devices, they are expensive to purchase and insure. Look for a bit older models which are still considered safe.

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"Paying lower car insurance rates is not an impossibledream. There are many ingenious methods that can help drivers save money ontheir premiums", said Russell Rabichev,Marketing Director of Internet Marketing Company.

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