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Several Nuveen Closed-End Funds Declare Capital Gains


Several Nuveen closed-end funds have declared additional cash distributions with the record, ex-dividend and payable date outlined below.

The following dates apply to today’s distribution declarations:

Record Date           November 26, 2018
Ex-Dividend Date November 23, 2018
Payable Date December 3, 2018
            Taxable Per Share Distribution Amount
Ordinary     Short-Term     Long-Term



Fund Name

Income     Capital Gain     Capital Gain
NJV NYSE Nuveen New Jersey Municipal Value Fund - - $.3390
NXJ NYSE Nuveen New Jersey Quality Municipal Income Fund - - $.0778
NUO NYSE Nuveen Ohio Quality Municipal Income Fund - - $.0271
NPN NYSE Nuveen Pennsylvania Municipal Value Fund - - $.1044
NQP NYSE Nuveen Pennsylvania Quality Municipal Income Fund - - $.0442

Closed-end fund historical distribution sources have included net investment income, realized capital gains and return of capital. For further information regarding fund distributions including earnings, undistributed net investment income, and notices please visit http://www.nuveen.com/cef.

About Nuveen

Nuveen, the investment manager of TIAA, offers a comprehensive range of outcome-focused investment solutions designed to secure the long-term financial goals of institutional and individual investors. Nuveen has $988 billion in assets under management as of 9/30/18 and operations in 16 countries. Its affiliates offer deep expertise across a comprehensive range of traditional and alternative investments through a wide array of vehicles and customized strategies. For more information, please visit www.nuveen.com.

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