Shane “Spike” DesLoges Announces Launch of the Boaters Operating System, an App Enabling Sustainable Life on the Water

Shane “Spike” DesLoges, an experienced marine technologist, announced the launch of the Boaters Operating System, an app aiming to bridge a gap between boat owners and service providers.

Toronto, Canada, Feb. 22, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In an era where the marine lifestyle and the tasks of the industry are kept by a handful of seasoned professionals, invaluable knowledge about boats is increasingly difficult to pass down through generations. That’s why Shane “Spike” DesLoges introduced BoatersOS, a marine after-sales service data app poised to revolutionize the scene. Spike is a recreational boating enthusiast, and a master yacht detailer, hoping to share his vision for a sustainable life on the water with people worldwide.

Spike is fully qualified in the industry and has been involved in it for over 25 years. Launching BoatersOS is his way of showing commitment to revolutionizing and improving the experience for boat owners. Through BoatersOS, Spike was able to offer practical and effective solutions, targeting the numerous issues in the industry that he’s passionate about.

There’s so much more to owning a boat than just cruising the seas and chasing sunsets. Choosing a recreational boating lifestyle requires a lot of responsibility, education, and service. “For both new and savvy boat owners, finding somebody confident and competent to show up on the boat is special,” expresses Shane. Focusing on solving that issue, BoatersOS offers a very detailed list of trusted service providers.

According to Shane’s expertise, it is crucial to keep a meticulous record of all maintenance performed on a boat over its lifetime. One of the biggest issues awaiting new boat owners is that the sheer number of unrelenting maintenance tasks to be done is rarely tracked. That makes it nearly impossible to know what troubles the vessel had in the past, and who provided the necessary service. It can also cause a major headache when owners try to insure their boats. Part of the reason BoatersOS exists is to address the lack of transparency and accountability in the relationships between boat owners and service providers.

BoatersOS’ features are designed to unearth a large amount of hidden data, enabling effortless boat and system management, staying ahead of safety tasks, and opening a network of reliable marine service professionals. By utilizing technology, Spike is fostering an environment where navigating marine life's a breeze for the average, expert, and professional boat operators.

BoatersOS is currently in the first stage of development, offering a very stable and robust product to improve the quality of marine after-sales service. This version presents an opportunity for boat owners to build their digital boat twin. Additionally, boat owners will be able to iteratively ask and answer all questions about their vessel with an innovative marine-tech AI onboard, which is contextually powered by the information contained within the digital twin inventory. BoatersOS also offers a task manager to design and maintain one-time or recurring tasks, allowing task prioritization and the promotion of proactive boat ownership.

Spike is continuously working on improving the boating industry, with plans for expanding the BoatersOS App. Version 2.0 hones in on BoatersOS’commitment to revolutionizing the way they approach marine service trades and tradecraft apprenticeships. This platform is designed to bridge the generational gaps in discipline and engagement with the trades by fostering a collaborative environment where sustainability challenges on water are addressed with urgency and innovation.

With the launch of BoatersOS 3.0, Spike is aiming to open up a marketplace, where incomplete tasks will be matched with appropriate service providers. Current research and development into augmented reality experiences for boat managers and owners, is setting the stage for a fully immersive boat-owning lifestyle.

“Boaters are passionate about their boats. Weather, work, travel, sometimes life gets in the way of the recreational boating lifestyle,” added Shane. “But I know that boat owners are dreaming about their boats every day. I want to connect people with their boats even when it’s completely unreasonable for them to be on their boats.”

Born out of sheer passion and the desire to preserve the marine service legacy, BoatersOS is a powerful blend of fortunate discovery and transformative solutions. Shane “Spike” DesLoges, a figure of enthusiasm and expertise, is the architect behind BoatersOS’ vision.

Spike expresses, “Here at BoatersOS, we want to ensure that the boating community is safe, secure, and accessible to future generations of mariners. Life on the water is my calling, and my purpose is to leave the boating industry better than I found it 25 years ago. With BoatersOS, I believe we have a formula, an environment, the potential, and the motivation to welcome new generations and introduce them to the skills and trades of navigating the water every day.”

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