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Shania Twain now angers conservatives for backtracking on pro-Trump comments

Heather Gardner
Video Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Shania Twain found herself the subject of backlash this weekend after voicing her opinion on President Donald Trump. The Canadian singer spoke to the Guardian about the 2016 election, saying if she could vote, she would have cast her ballot for Trump.

“I would have voted for him because, every though he was offensive, he seemed honest,” she told the publication. “Do you want straight or polite? Not that you shouldn’t be able to have both. If I were voting, I just don’t want bull****. I would have voted for a feeling that it was transparent. And politics has a reputation of not being that, right?”

Twain was blasted on social media for what many perceived was her pro-Trump stance, so much so that yesterday, she issued a lengthy apology on Twitter.

But while doing damage control among her liberal fans who didn’t appreciate the singer’s remarks, Twain managed to upset her conservative fanbase as well. Those who support Trump felt slighted that the singer apologized for her opinions; they wanted her to stand by her words and felt she was pressured into giving an apology.

Twain has not issued a statement since her apology.

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