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Shaquille O'Neal and Oreo celebrate their shared birthday in the best way imaginable

Alex Lasker

When you're as big of an icon as Shaquille O'Neal, there's only one way to celebrate your birthday — in a grand fashion. 

Thankfully, Shaq's 2018 birthday celebrations come with an exciting opportunity for all of his fans, all because his big day happens to coincide with another major holiday: National OREO Day!

The basketball Hall of Famer and the beloved cookie brand have teamed up to supply the country with chocolate candy through the #OREOBirthdayGiveaway, a special giveaway that has 1 million free OREO Chocolate Candy Bars up for grabs.

To further sweeten the day, the NBA icon visited his hometown of Atlanta on Tuesday to hand out free Oreo Chocolate Candy Bars from the "Snack Shaq," a specially-designed pop-up with a sunroof so that 7-foot-1 giant could comfortably fit inside.


To claim your piece of chocolate glory, head to OreoBirthdayGiveaway.com. The first million candy lovers to register between March 6 and March 12 will receive a free candy bar, no strings attached.