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Shareholder Group Comments on MiMedx Shareholder Meeting


MiMedx Shareholders Group Issues The Following Statement:

The MiMedx Shareholder Group (Petit, George, Furstenberg) wants to thank all of our shareholders that voted for our slate at the 2018 annual meeting that was held today. However, the final results were in the favor of the Prescience and Company slate.

Also, our two important resolutions for shareholder rights lost by a small margin. This means that there will probably not be a 2019 shareholder meeting held on August 19th or sooner. Also, the Board will be able to make further changes in the bylaws to further thwart shareholders exercising their rights. We certainly think that many shareholders did not understand the importance of these resolutions.

However, we are very pleased that this initial change has taken place in this Board, which we have viewed as being very “entrenched.” We have supported the Hialeah litigation in the Florida court since last year to get the Company to call this long overdue 2018 shareholders meeting. Those legal successes finally prompted this shareholder meeting to be held. Otherwise, these initial Board changes would not have just taken place.

We want to provide a special thanks to Dr. Kathy Behrens Wilsey, Todd Newton and Rick Barry for standing for election from the Prescience Point Capital slate. We appreciate Kathy’s commitment to lead this Board as its Chairperson and Todd’s commitment to Chair the Audit Committee. Incidentally, I unsuccessfully recommended to the Board at the July 26th, 2018, meeting to elect Todd Newton to the Board at that time.

Also, I want to thank Shawn George and David Furstenberg for their tireless efforts on behalf of our slate and shareholder rights. Shawn deserves a special “thank you” for his leadership relative to the legal battle in Florida that resulted in the Company being forced to hold this shareholder meeting.

MiMedx’s former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, “Pete” Petit made the following comment, “I have made major investments in this Company and major commitments to shareholders over the years to honor their interests. I will continue to work for our shareholders to be certain that this new Board transitions smoothly. In addition, I am available with other former management to assist in any way possible. Obviously, as our press release brought out last week, the Company has deteriorated under this Board and management more than anyone had thought. So, it is important that all of us contribute to getting an efficient and effective re-start to all of the MiMedx business activities. I am certain that Kathy’s leadership will signal to our remaining management and employees that necessary changes are going to be implemented quickly. Thus, our shareholders should see growth in revenue and profits begin again.”

Please check our proxy website, mimedxboardproxy.com, for final comments on the contest and Company.

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