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Sharp New Marussia B3 Concept Envisioned

Jeff Perez

You may be a bit unfamiliar with the stunning new Marussia B2 sportscar that made a name for itself in 2012, and the the mostly tame Marussia B1 that proceeded. Both of which, produced by a Russian racing driver whose dreams of auto manufacturing came in the form of homegrown Marussia.

As of late, Marussia’s been relatively hush-hush on any details regarding the B2′s production or any talks of a third vehicle in the lineup. But that hasn’t deterred Hungarian designer Tamas Jakus from imagining a handsome third wheel for the Russian automaker.

Marussia B3

The Marussia B3 concept- cleverly derived from the B1 and B2- mixes emotions from both production cars into a more sophisticated, more precise sportscar. Up front, the B3 keeps most remnants of design from the B2, but mixes in a sharper set of lines than previous. The overly-aggressive fascia leads way to a smother, streamlined set of body lines paired to an angular back-end.

We can’t say for sure whether Marussia has plans of a third vehicle anytime in the near future, but if they did, we doubt it would get any prettier than this.

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