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Shiba Inu Inches Closer to an eToro Listing

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Cryptocurrency investors have been on a wild ride of late, and Amazon.com has been in the middle. Now that Amazon has set the record straight, sort of, on where it stands on bitcoin, investors can focus on what they know best, including meme coins. Ethereum-based Shiba Inu is a fan favorite, and it looks like holders of this cryptocurrency could be getting what they want.

Investment platform eToro has been adding cryptocurrency assets fast and furiously. The Shiba Inu community has been waiting for their turn but has remained on the sidelines as the social investment firm has gone in another direction. For instance, eToro in recent days announced the addition of cryptocurrencies Maker and Enjin on its platform, which added insult to injury for SHIB investors.

Shiba Inu has not fallen off of eToro’s radar, however. Now it appears that the investment firm is closer than ever to listing the meme coin. The company announced that it is “on the case to officially list [Shiba Inu] on eToro,” urging the Shib fam to “hang tight.”

Shiba Inu launched a year ago in the wake of the larger meme-coin project Dogecoin. Shiba Inu, which considers itself a “Dogecoin Killer,” recently amassed 600,000 holders, but the price has been caught in the crypto market downdraft.

Coinbase Chatter

Shiba Inu investors are not stopping at eToro, however. They are also looking to leading cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase.com as well as popular trading app Robinhood to recognize and add their favorite meme coin. Coinbase is not averse to listing meme coins and already supports Shiba Inu rival Dogecoin. Coinbase Pro for sophisticated investors intends to list Shiba Inu but those plans hit a snag, resulting in a “temporary delay.”

Meme Coin Listings

Shiba Inu isn’t the only meme coin that trading platforms have their eye on. Baby Doge Coin, whose meme father is Dogecoin, has snagged a listing in BitMart, effective July 28.

For its part, Baby Doge Coin boasts more than 500,000 holders. The project has also been burning its supply, including 250 trillion coins burned in recent days. Nonetheless, the price is down nearly 70% from its all-time high of USD 0.000000005890 reached in early July, as per CoinGecko market data.

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