ShibaGalaxy Is Set to Take NFT Play-To-Earn Gaming Space by Storm

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Richmond, Virginia--(Newsfile Corp. - November 21, 2021) - Launched in November 2021, ShibaGalaxy is set to take the NFT Play-to-Earn gaming space by storm. It is powered with a plethora of advantages and features for the end users.


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Moreover, each user becomes eligible to win BNB rewards for having Rare NFTs. Let's not forget the Auto-Buy Back and Auto Liquidity to keep the token price healthy. ShibaGalaxy is set to emerge top amongst NFT projects by 2022. ShibaGalaxy is an ambitious project and has already become extremely popular among NFT lovers and blockchain enthusiasts.

ShibaGalaxy is one of the simplest Play-To-Earn NFT games. You just need a Shiba Chest to receive a random shiba for participating in ShibaGalaxy. You will fight against the fiery bears to defend the ShibaGalaxy. Eventually, the winner will receive SHIBGX.

You have to own at least 1 Shiba to fight against the angry bears and get rewarded.

As of now, only a limited number of Shiba chests are available for sale. If all Shiba chests are sold out, you have to purchase Shibas from the marketplace by making payment using SHIBGX tokens only.

If the enemy is strong, the reward will be even higher. But players should choose their opponent wisely. Because when you have more victories you will accumulate more reward points too. If your track record is good and you have more wins than losses, you will get SHIBGX tokens as reward for participating in the game.

Why Is Bounty Hunting Important?

Bounty Hunting is an important aspect of the entire process. It helps you get amply rewarded with SHIBGX tokens. But each token will be distributed among the participants in certain proportions according to points accumulated. Each Shiba warrior will get rewards but that only depends upon your bounty hunting capability.

ShibaGalaxy NFT marketplace is the same place from where you buy, sell or create NFTs like Shiba Warriors and other in-game items. Additional features include the launch of NFT auctions and getting commissions from the same through affiliate programs.

How to Battle Angry Bears & Dragons

You need a sufficient amount of SHIBGX tokens in your wallet to participate in Battling Bears & Dragons. Also, keep some BNB in your wallet as they will be deducted from your wallet as gas fee. At present, the supply of SHIBGX is limited to 100-billion.

To Earn in the ShibaGalaxy


Launch App and connect your wallet automatically.

Press the Battle tab and get started.

Choose your own opponent to fight with.

Once the match finishes, wait for the final announcement.

If you win, you'll get rewards.

The Future Ahead

ShibaGalaxy is also building a Metaverse for all Shibas powered by Binance Smart Chain. Ultimately, Shiba warriors have to defend the ShibaGalaxy from angry bears and blood-thirsty monsters.

Shiba-Bull (The oldest Shiba warrior and also the protector of the Shiba Vault) is in charge of activating the Buy & Burn mechanism in the ShibaGalaxy.

ShibaGalaxy will be action-packed next year. They have a lot of plans next year starting from influencer marketing in the first quarter of 2022, team expansion, launching an exclusive Android Version, to full integration into Facebook, no doubt ShibaGalaxy is set to revolutionise NFT-based gaming forever.

Aspiring Shiba warriors can get more information by following its Telegram community on Telegram.

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