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Shining stars from the North; Women are tasked with saving the world

Brazilian women’s soccer team becomes the first ever Brazilian sports team to receive the Green Seal by the United Nations

MANAUS, Brazil, June 05, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The all women’s team - Iranduba - has been working green and restless about saving the amazon rainforest.

From its humble beginnings, this women’s team has captured the imagination of fans and inspired people on so many levels. In less than a decade this incredible team has become one of the best women’s teams in South America, championing women strength and athleticism, as well as positioning themselves as one of the top teams in Brazil.

The women’s team resilience has proven to advance them year after year to become a vital team in the Brazilian sports world.

Manaus, laying on the shores of the Amazonas river, is one of the most important cities in the Amazon rainforest. Seeing the destruction done by reckless development and corporate interests, the women’s team decided to take action.

“For me, the Amazon and the rainforest has always captured my imagination and understanding the great importance of the Amazon’s ecosystem on life around the world has inspired me to do anything I can do to raise awareness towards its thrivability”, said Isaac Thoams, CEO and founder of VeganNation.

Iranduba is the first and only team in Brazil to receive the prestigious Green Seal by the United Nations. As Credit Suisse just announced that fighting climate change and the strive for sustainability is the biggest opportunity in the next couple of years,  Iranduba, has been addressing the climate change challenge throughout its seasons, championing green and sustainable games in its matches. The Iranduba Women’s team has not stopped after winning the Green Cup Award.

With celebrities around the world starting to pay attention and promoting sustainability, the Iranduba team has become the ideal partner for companies in Brazil that are promoting the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and that aspires to save the rainforest.

As Brazil battles with the global health crisis, climate change and deforestation, Iranduba has been a Northern Champion of the Amazonas, raising awareness and calling on their local fans to act.

“As a woman who wants to bear children on a healthy earth, I am heartened by the efforts of the Iranduba women’s team. We must unite and find better, healthier ways to move forward; not only for us, but for our children and our grandchildren”, said Rena Thomas, CTO and co-founder of VeganNation.

Women are taking the lead on furthering sustainable development in all areas of life and Iranduba is exemplifying these efforts in every match of theirs.

About Iranduba

Sport Club Iranduba is the soccer club from the heart of the Amazon Rainforest and it is now struggling to maintain its position in the South American football scenario while proudly showing in the jerseys with the stamp of the “Green Seal” for environmental sustainability.

Holding records of fans in attendance of Female’s Brazilian Championship, Iranduba has a remarkable title history and it is known for its athletes called to play not only for the national under-17 and under-20 teams but also for the main national Brazilian squad (“Seleção”).

In fact, Iranduba sent almost 30 female athletes to our Adult, U-20, and U-17 Brazilian squads since 2016. An example can be given by the athlete Flávia who this year was playing the South-American championship for the under-20 national team until all soccer competitions were interrupted by the pandemic (Covid-19).

Some remarkable positions were:
- 8 times Amazonas State Adult Female Champion (2011-2018)
- Bronze medal in the CONMEBOL Copa Libertadores 2018 (South American version of Champions League) with the adult team.
- Semifinalist in the Brazilian Female A1 Championship in 2017 with the Brazilian record of 25,371-spectators at Amazon Arena.
- Vice-champion in the Brazilian Cup Futsal Female Adult in 2017.
- Vice-champion in the Brazilian Championship Female U-20 in 2016 with 17,322 spectators at Amazon Arena.

The current situation of the Covid 19 pandemic associated with the economic crisis can even result in negative effects for the players academic learning. Iranduba has always been committed to the educational condition of the people who make us to be who we are and concedes university, high-school and even elementary school scholarships, but that might no longer be given due to the lack of revenue in light of suspension of sports activities.

Help us to keep fighting and representing our Amazon!

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