Shoobx and Verivend Partner to Help Startups and Investors More Easily Manage Capital

Shoobx partnering with Verivend to help VCs and Startups move money safely, quickly, and with complete end-to-end visibility

BOSTON, MA / ACCESSWIRE / July 7, 2022 / Shoobx, the equity management company reshaping how private companies get started, raise capital, and exit, announced today their partnership with Verivend, the platform changing how capital moves. This collaboration simplifies the distribution and management of capital for startups and venture capitalists.

High-growth companies need capital quickly. Unfortunately, fundraising and managing equity are typically lengthy processes for startups and investors. Any delays can cause stagnated growth and missed opportunities, which damages the entire startup ecosystem.

As the first-of-its-kind fully automated equity financing solution, Shoobx is partnering with Verivend to fix the inefficiencies in capital distribution: automating an outdated process. With platforms that facilitate easier fundraising and money transfers, Shoobx and Verivend are providing extensive time savings for startups and VCs.

"Startups and Investors have enough challenges and securing capital from fundraising doesn't need to be one of them," said Rodney Reisdorf, Co-Founder & CEO, Verivend. "Legacy movement of money with wire transfers and checks results in wasted effort and time, tying up critical access to capital, and Verivend addresses this unnecessary pain. In a similar way, Shoobx is fully automating equity financing, sharing our vision of time savings and quicker capital distribution for startups and their investors."

The Shoobx and Verivend connection is part of a joint effort to deliver leading SaaS tools to the startup community. This collaboration of trusted brands provides startups and venture capitalists an effortless and secure way to move capital instantly. Shoobx and Verivend are focused on strengthening the private company ecosystem through automating outdated processes: finding a better way for businesses to do business.

"Our mission at Shoobx is to help entrepreneurs grow their business by using automation to reduce the time and money spent on equity negotiation, documentation and financings," said Jason Furtado, Founder & CEO, Shoobx. "We always look out for collaboration opportunities with like-minded organizations and We believe that the addition of Verivend to our suite of management services will remove unnecessary delays from the capital distribution process for both startups and VCs."

By partnering with the Verivend platform, Shoobx is continuing to make fundraising more efficient for startup leaders, attorneys and investors.

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About Shoobx

Shoobx is an equity management company that is reshaping how private companies get started, raise capital, and exit. By focusing on data integrity and risk reduction, Shoobx's flexible platform streamlines everything from employee onboarding to issuing equity grants to maintaining a dynamic cap table, enabling companies to grow rapidly while staying financing-ready. Thousands of startup leaders, investors, and attorneys rely on Shoobx to get paperwork right the first time and make legal diligence fast and easy.

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About Verivend

Verivend is a fintech company that is changing how capital moves for private companies and venture capital firms. By increasing security, reducing risks, and eliminating manual work, Verivend's platform is the painless, paperless, and effortless way to raise and deploy capital. Capital calls and distributions can be issued and received instantly from anywhere, on any device, with Verivend.

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