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Shots fired: T-Mobile will give switchers a year of AT&T’s DirecTV Now service for free

Zach Epstein

T-Mobile sure does have a great sense of humor, but we doubt AT&T is laughing very much following the Un-carrier’s latest announcement. On Thursday morning, T-Mobile announced a new offer for AT&T customers who ditch their current carrier and switch to T-Mobile. Jump ship from AT&T to T-Mobile, and you’ll get a year of DirecTV Now streaming TV service for free. The irony, of course, is that DirecTV Now is the latest offering from DirecTV, which was recently acquired by, that’s right, AT&T.

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The new offer is available to AT&T subscribers who port at least one number over from AT&T and sign up for a new T-Mobile One plan that has at least two lines in total. Also, it only covers the base DirecTV Now plan — you’ll get a $35 credit on your T-Mobile bill for 12 consecutive months. The $35 DirecTV Now plan includes more than 100 channels of live TV that you can stream to any compatible device, including T-Mobile smartphones.

Of note, DirecTV Now streaming over T-Mobile’s network will be not-throttled (carrier’s don’t like the word “throttle”) to 480p resolution.

T-Mobile’s press release on the matter is just as brutal as you’d expect: “To get a free year of DIRECTV NOW covered by T-Mobile, AT&T customers just need to activate two lines and bring their number to T-Mobile ONE. The Un-carrier will give you a $35 monthly bill credit, the monthly cost of DIRECTV NOW, for 12 months – up to $420 total – as long as your lines are active. And, even if you hate DIRECTV NOW (we offer no guarantees, since it’s an AT&T product after all), you still get unlimited LTE data on a faster, more advanced network – all at a better price. All you do is win, win, win.”

More details are available on T-Mobile’s website.

Updated to clarify that only one line needs to be ported from AT&T.

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