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How To Show Your Employees You Care About Them

Vivian Giang
Tim Gimbel

chicagobusiness via YouTube

Retaining talent can be an expensive cost for businesses. A lot of time and money goes into interviewing, hiring, and training candidates.

So how do you get them to stay — and keep them happy so that they don't leave you for the first decent job offer they get?

"The key is caring about your employees," Tim Gimbel, founder of LaSalle Network, says in an interview with Inc.com.

Gimbel says this is as simple as having their phone number saved so that you can text them on their birthdays or if something reminds you of them.

The bottom line is taking an interest in your employees so that they think they mean than someone who's there to make youwealthy.

Employees need to feel like "you care about them and their future growth and who they are as a person,"  says Gimbel. "People love to work for people who care about them," 

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