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Silencil Reviews: Trustworthy Ingredients or Tinnitus Relief Complaints? by 2021 Review.com

·27 min read

Silencil is a daily tinnitus remedy that uses natural ingredients to regulate the health of the brain as the target

Silencil Tinnitus Hearing Supplement

Silencil is a daily tinnitus remedy that uses natural ingredients to regulate the health of the brain as the target
Silencil is a daily tinnitus remedy that uses natural ingredients to regulate the health of the brain as the target
Silencil is a daily tinnitus remedy that uses natural ingredients to regulate the health of the brain as the target

Chicago, Jan. 30, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Silencil is a daily tinnitus remedy that uses natural ingredients to regulate the health of the brain as the target. As users improve their brain, the reduced inflammation will eliminate the sounds of ringing, since the ringing doesn’t come from the ear canal directly.

On initial appraisal, tinnitus might not seem like a particularly severe issue. Tinnitus is a term for a condition that involves a constant ringing in the ears of sufferers. The high-pitched ringing, however, can quickly spiral into a more serious problem. People with tinnitus often experience depression, anger, and even suicidal thoughts. In other words, tinnitus kills the quiet moments that make life worth living. For sufferers of tinnitus, getting help is also extremely difficult.

Modern medicine has done quite a bit to help people improve the health of their ears, but it can do very little for people who have tinnitus. Generally, doctors attempt to treat tinnitus by working with patients to improve the overall condition of their ears. But oftentimes, the high-pitched ringing of tinnitus is difficult to eliminate—even with proper traditional medication.

This is one of the main reasons why so many people are searching for tinnitus supplements. Tinnitus supplements often claim to help people completely eliminate or mitigate the main symptoms associated with the tinnitus condition. Unfortunately, numerous consumers have reported that some supplements in this fast-growing sector have been effective—or even counterproductive. This is troublesome, and it might lead some people to develop the wrong idea about supplementation in relation to tinnitus.

Truthfully, there are several ways that natural ingredients can help to address the core symptoms of tinnitus. For example, ingredients like GABA, or Gamma Aminobutyric Acid, have been known to help improve the health of the ears and combat the effects of tinnitus. Silencil is a new supplement which claims to help people “reclaim the silence” of life through the use of several natural ingredients.

We’re here today with a comprehensive review of Silencil. The product site claims that initial trial results for the supplement’s formula showed that it helped people to achieve “crystal clear hearing to people.” The additional benefits associated with the supplement are also impressive; the creators of Silencil say that it might help the brain to battle dementia, brain disorders, and even memory loss.

These are some pretty big claims. This review will outline everything that consumers need to know in order to make a more informed purchasing decisions about this dietary tinnitus supplement.

What is Silencil?

The average person isn’t inhibited or distracted by simple sounds. However, a constant ringing in the ears is a much different story. The pitch is high, and it almost feels like the sound is embedded deeply in the head, though logic would say that the problem is in the ear canal. While it is possible to cause damage to the eardrum, the ringing from this cause typically goes away after the eardrum heals. With tinnitus, it feels like nothing will stop the problem.

Tinnitus is the result of a deep issue in the brain, according to the creators of Silencil. Rather than starting in the ear canal, the “sound” that consumers feel in their head is the misfiring of different synapses. The problem continues with the lack of healing in the brain, which is why Silencil primarily focuses on delivering brain-boosting ingredients.

Thousands of people have allegedly already seen success by taking this formula, and it doesn’t take long to see a change. Consumers can take the serving at any time of day, though keeping the remedy consistent will likely improve the chances of fast success.

Why Consider Using Silencil Pills?

If you find yourself getting frustrated at the thought of hearing ringing in your ears, it might be time to turn to a supplement like Silencil tinnitus relief formula. It's made from all-natural ingredients, including amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that work together to combat the symptoms of tinnitus.

This nutritional supplement can be taken as a pill or mixed into water or juice. Silencil is composed of a blend of herbal ingredients that have been known to have positive effects on the ears. Hearing loss and tinnitus are two very common disorders that, unfortunately, don't get a lot of attention.

If you're suffering from these problems, you know that it's tough to deal with all of the symptoms without dropping a few hundred dollars on prescription drugs. It's time to learn more about a supplement like Silencil. While it won't cure tinnitus, it is formulated to support the alleviation of some symptoms and relieve some of your pain. Let's take a closer look at this natural supplement and the way that it works to improve your quality of life.

The Ingredients of the Silencil Formula

The only way to support brain health is by getting the ingredients that can make a difference. The formula is the combination of 28 ingredients altogether, but the website only sheds light on a handful of them.

The mentioned ingredients include:

  • Skullcap

  • Hawthorn

  • Oat straw

  • Mucuna pruriens

  • Rhodiola

  • GABA

  • L-Theanine

  • Ashwagandha

  • Chamomile

  • Vitamins and Minerals

To understand how each of these ingredients can impact the body, read on below.


Skullcap, one of the top two ingredients that the creators focus on, is primarily used for individuals that need to fight their anxiety and insomnia nightly. It has many positive benefits for the body because it also deals with the risk of stroke or stroke-related paralysis. As consumers include skullcap in their routine, it can be used to reduce high cholesterol, prevent atherosclerosis, and reduce inflammation. The latter benefit (reduced inflammation) is likely the reason that it ranks so high on this ingredient list. Thought skullcap has a naturally minty flavor, users will not likely experience it while taking capsules.

As many benefits as skullcap offers consumers, having too much for too long can lead to an irregular heartbeat, mental confusion, and tiredness.


Hawthorn supports the heart, rather than the brain. However, the ingredient still has a definitive impact on the brain. As it supports the heart, it treats issues that can occur in the blood vessels, like an irregular heartbeat or chest pain. Some people even treat blood pressure concerns and prevent the arteries from becoming rigid.

The circulatory system is responsible for the blood flow in the brain, which is necessary to maintain optimal function. As the blood vessels flow, it delivers oxygen and other nutrients in the same way that it supports the heart and every other organ in the body. With oxygen and glucose, the brain remains alert and regulated, thanks to the branches of the nervous system.

Ultimately, better blood flow keeps the brain healthy. With a healthy brain, the communication between the cells is solidified, ensuring that there are no missed connections to cause the ringing.

Improved circulation is a necessity when eradicating inflammation as well. Inflammation puts consumers at risk of blood clots, but a healthy heart keeps this inflammation minimized, delivering nutrients to the parts of the body that need to heal.

Oat straw

Oat straw has been tested on humans for numerous purposes, but the main parts of the body that benefit from its use are the heart and brain. Older adults typically experience improvements in their overall brain function, which can be partially credited to the relief of inflammation that it offers.

Oat straw is a type of grass that has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine. It's typically used for urinary complaints, to treat diabetes, and to help relieve the symptoms of arthritis. There are many purported health benefits to be found in oat straw such as lowering blood sugar levels, relieving constipation and reducing cholesterol levels. Â The exact health benefits of oat straw are still being studied, but it may be helpful to lower blood sugar levels and cholesterol.

Oat straw is often promoted as a dietary supplement for people who may suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure and arthritis. The brain function support offered by this extract is primarily found in older adults, since the brain doesn’t operate at the same speed or efficiency as it did during younger years. Older adults experience improvements in their focus and concentration, as well as better memory retention.

Mucuna pruriens

Mucuna pruriens has been used in many supplements, due to the variety of benefits that it offers the body. The seeds of the plant primary reduce inflammation, and the impact of inflammation in the brain has been explained above with other ingredients. Mucuna is a tropical legume that is native to Africa, but is now grown in other tropical regions around the world. The plant's beans contain levodopa and are used as a Parkinson’s Disease treatment. The Mucuna plant is also cultivated for its seeds, which are used as an aphrodisiac and fertility treatment.

Apart from brain health, Mucuna pruriens also improves male virility. That’s why it is often found in fertility and male enhancement supplements as well. Mucuna Pruriens Extract is isolated from the Mucuna plant and is known for being a potent source of levodopa. This makes it an excellent Parkinson’s Disease medicine, and also helps people with depression and anxiety. It has also been used as a fertility treatment to improve erectile dysfunction in males.

Mucuna Pruriens Extract is made by taking the beans of the Mucuna plant and crushing them. This turns the beans into a powder that is then extracted using an alcohol solution. The extract is concentrated to give a thick liquid. This liquid can be taken orally or evaporated to make tablets or capsules. A few of the common side effects of taking Mucuna pruriens include nausea and feeling bloated. However, the amount used in Silencil is unclear, so there is no way to predict the risk of these side effects.


Rhodiola is a plant that grows in the cold climates of the northern hemisphere. Its name comes from the Greek word for rose, and includes family members like Goldenrod, Aconite and Buttercups. It was first used around 300 BC by ancient Greeks as a remedy for sleeplessness, but what is its medicinal use today?

Rhodiola, or Rhodiola rosea, primarily helps to alleviate stress in the body and brain. Stress can take a major toll, releasing cortisol throughout the body as it triggers many unwanted effects. Stress can cause consumers to overeat, and it can even cause damage to the brain over time. Stress-related illnesses can also prevent the individuals from focusing or sleeping properly, which means that the brain doesn’t get the rest that it needs to heal each day. Even this simple benefit is a major advantage to consumers that want to rectify their brain function.

Rhodiola rosea is a herb that has been used for centuries in Chinese and Russian traditional medicine. It is gaining popularity in the western world as an herbal supplement, but there are little scientific tests to confirm its effectiveness. The plant's ability to improve physical and cognitive function is the basis of its traditional usage, but it has not been scientifically studied in any significant way just yet despite its large attention base. There are some studies about how it may have an effect on mood and mental focus, but these studies have not been replicated or verified to the extent to call it an outright brain booster.

The use of rhodiola rosea may also reduce fatigue, improve overall cognition, improve stamina during exercise, and reduce the symptoms associated with mental illness (like depression) as some of these studies have revealed. But the rhodiola rosea is a growing superfood compound that is but one of many in the Silencil ingredients.


GABA reduces anxiety and improves the mood. Most commonly, it helps with attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder, but it is an ingredient of many benefits (like many other ingredients on this list). The inhibitory neurotransmitter keeps mature brains functioning as it should, keeping the user relaxed and calm with the release of serotonin.

Using GABA daily has been associated with improvements in muscle growth, weight loss, and blood pressure. Some people will use it to ease pain.

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L-theanine also deals with stress relief and reduced anxiety. Users that take this ingredient regularly (in Silencil and other supplements) will improve the immune response to disease, allowing it to support brain health as well. With improvements in blood pressure, the circulatory system thrives as well, which means improvements to the circulatory system and fewer headaches.

Black and green tea naturally contain L-theanine, helping users to focus easily.


Without an understanding of the human body, it can be hard to understand how ashwagandha helps with chronic stress and inflammation. In a nutshell, ashwagandha is an herbal supplement that has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for over 3,000 years. One of its active components is withanolide — a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. The herb has been used for a variety of different purposes in various cultural contexts, but its real power is that it helps balance the body. In Ayurvedic medicine, this translates to the mind and spirit as well.

Ashwagandha is an herb, and it offers many of the same functions as L-theanine with anxiety relief and stress support. Some people use it to deal with their depression, due to the positive impact it has on the brain’s chemicals.

For men, ashwagandha has an additional benefit as it may offer better fertility and higher testosterone production levels. All in all, chronic stress has become a major concern in Western culture. Many people have jobs that require them to put in long hours — making it difficult to take care of themselves on a personal level. At the same time, stress and anxiety can be caused by other factors. For example, traumatic events like a car accident or a breakup can lead to long-term stress. Other factors like poor diet, alcohol abuse, and lack of sleep can also contribute to the problem.

Ashwagandha has been used for thousands of years as a way to reduce stress and anxiety and is likely the main benefit derived from its inclusion in the Silencil supplement.


Chamomile is one of the most soothing and relaxing teas around, and it is often offered as a bedtime beverage for the impact it has on calming the mind. It reduces blood sugar levels without dropping them drastically, and it also reduces (and treats!) cancer cells. Some evidence shows that chamomile can prevent osteoporosis in some people, while slowing the progress in others. As an excellent anti-inflammatory, chamomile is a powerful herb that has been used for thousands of years. It is used to create medicines and teas to help with various skin conditions, digestive issues, anxiety, and stress.

Women sometimes will drink chamomile tea to soothe the cramps and inflammation that come with their menstrual cycle.

Vitamins and Minerals

Along with all of the aforementioned ingredients, this remedy offers many vitamins and minerals that consumers typically find in their multivitamin. These substances are crucial to the general functioning of the body, ensuring that glucose levels support the brain and that the entire body gets health support.

In Silencil, these ingredients include vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, and potassium.

Purchasing Silencil

The only way to get a one-month supply of Silencil is to purchase the formula on the official website. Users have their choice of package sizes, remembering that the greater number of bottles will have the lowest cost of each one-month supply.

Currently, with all available promotions applied, consumers can order:

While Silencil should work in most cases, individuals that don’t overcome their tinnitus with Silencil can get a refund within the first 60 days.

Frequently Asked Questions About Silencil

How does the Silencil formula eliminate tinnitus?

Silencil addresses the inflammation in the brain that can cause the head to feel like it is ringing. Considering the many conditions that are related to inflammation in the brain – like dementia and other memory loss – ignoring this issue won’t make it go away. The remedy seeks out damage in the brain and nerve cells to strengthen their connection and eliminate the root cause of tinnitus.

How does Silencil make progress in the ringing?

First, the formula will deal with the inflammation that already exists in the brain, which causes the tinnitus to stop. However, the purpose of this remedy is not just to eliminate a symptom but to improve brain health, which is why the user will then start to experience mental clarity and protect themselves from related diseases.

Is Silencil safe to take with other treatments?

The whole point of the natural formulation of Silencil is to work for consumers of all ages with a variety of medical conditions. That being said, consumers that currently take a medication should speak with a doctor to ensure that none of the ingredients will have an adverse effect on their prescribed regimen.

If Silencil is so effective, why hasn’t it been publicized more?

As the creator explains, he’s had to list this formula online multiple times. Big Pharma loses a lot of money by curing a condition, rather than just subduing it. Individuals that want to try this formula will have to make a purchase while it is still online.

Who will Silencil be the most effective for?

Anyone! More specifically, this non-invasive remedy is available for individuals as young as 20 years old and as old as 80 years young.

How long will users have to wait to be rid of the ringing in their head?

Most users will notice a chance within their general experience relatively fast because the formula wastes no time in preparation of healing. The ringing should decline over the first few days of use, becoming barely noticeable (if at all) within a few weeks. However, consumers are encouraged to keep up with this remedy for as long as it takes to get rid of tinnitus.

Will Silencil still be online to order tomorrow? Or the next day?

The answer is unknown. This listing has been taken down before, and it might happen again. Consumers that are interested in the healing that Silencil can offer should make a purchase while they still can.

For further details, the customer service team can be reached with a message to support@silencil.com.

Can Silencil Pills Really Relieve Tinnitus?

Silencil is a natural supplement designed to help users regain silence in the mind, allowing for the ears to stop ringing and experiencing those dreaded whooshing and hissing sounds.

Tinnitus is often caused by a chemical imbalance in the ears. You can relieve the ringing in your ears by reducing the amount of neurotransmitters that cause overstimulation of your auditory nerves.

The Silencil ingredients for tinnitus is designed to alleviate the phantom perception of sounds, typically a ringing, buzzing or hissing noise, that is not caused by an external auditory stimulus. It can be intermittent or constant and may vary in loudness from faint to overwhelming but tinnitus is a condition that no one should have to deal with if there are natural alternatives that may be suitable enough to lower inflammation and eliminate or dramatically reduce the side effects of tinnitus.

Tinnitus can have many causes, including illness, injury and aging. The most common cause is exposure to loud noise or music at work or during leisure activities. In some cases the tinnitus is due to an inner ear disorder such as pulsatile tinnitus (when the head moves) or Ménière's disease (a disease of the inner ear that causes episodes of vertigo).

It can also be caused by aspirin poisoning, certain medications, and some over-the-counter drugs. Tinnitus can also result from a number of medical conditions. In addition to loud noise, tinnitus may also be caused by exposure to high-pitched sounds, or by blood circulation problems. It is safe to say that tinnitus is a very serious condition to deal with, and even the notion that a natural supplement like Silencil can work to provide support against the negative effects of ringing in the ears, it is important to know it is an option that can be done essentially risk-free given the refund policy and money back guarantee, along with the natural ingredients in the formulation.

There are two basic classifications of tinnitus:

(1) Objective (or "somatic") tinnitus can be heard by the examiner in about 90% of cases.

(2) Subjective (or "psychologic") tinnitus can usually only be heard by the patient. Both types have subjective and objective forms, but the most common type is subjective tinnitus.

In many cases of subjective tinnitus, patients report hearing the sound in one or both ears, but what they hear is a sound of tinnitus from their own head. The sounds of tinnitus themselves are often called "ringing in the ears." Other patients, however, may perceive sounds that they imagine are similar to a ringing or hissing noise. Some individuals can hear their heartbeat or blood flow in the neck or head.

The perception of tinnitus is often accompanied by a feeling of pressure or fullness in the ear. In some folks, the noise is triggered by moving the head, exercising, or other movements such as bending over or getting out of bed in the morning.

This is where Silencil supplementation looks to make a natural effort a supplying notable vitamins and minerals that have high antioxidant values. Everyone will have different results when using the Silencil tinnitus supplement, but the important part to note is that this product was formulated specifically for tinnitus relief. Anyone dealing with tinnitus knows it can be an extremely frustrating condition and it can take a toll on your life. However, tinnitus relief is possible and there are many different ways to reduce or eliminate the ringing in your ears.

The type of tinnitus relief you need depends on the cause and severity of your ringing in the ears. If you live with hearing loss, there are several different methods that can provide you with effective tinnitus relief. The causes of tinnitus relief aren't always clear, but there are many factors that can impact the severity and frequency of your ringing in the ears.

Everything from the ingredients to the scientific support of Silencil suggest that this is a relatively reputable product. While consumers are right to be skeptical about trying a new supplement, this tinnitus formula seems to make use of several ingredients which have been scientifically proven to help improve the health of the ears. We are also very interested in Silencil’s commitment to benefiting consumers in additional ways.

Silencil might be able to help you improve the heart of your brain, as well as your ears. More research may be needed in order to definitively conclude that this product can solve brain problems like dementia. However, the average consumers suffering from tinnitus could benefit significantly from the use of a formula like the one Silencil offers. If you’re interested in exploring this product and what it has to offer, consider a risk-free purchase today and put the onus on the product to perform or your money back guarantee is easy to recall without any hassles or questions asked.

Final Thoughts on Silencil

If you have tinnitus, relief may be just a click away by visiting the official Silencil website at Silencil.com. It will walk you through what tinnitus is and how it develops, the things that can lead to it and how you can prevent or reduce your risk of getting it, and what to do if you already have it.

Tinnitus is the perception of sound in one or both ears without any external sound present. This can be a ringing, whistling, clicking, hissing, buzzing or screeching sound. Tinnitus can also be described as a high pitched tone that rises and falls in intensity at irregular intervals and may seem to you like it's coming from inside your head. The American Tinnitus Association estimates that more than 50 million Americans suffer from tinnitus, yet for many tinnitus is a fact of life. Tinnitus sufferers are often so accustomed to the sound that they don't even notice it anymore and don't realize how bothersome it can be.

To date, many reviews continue to put Silencil to be one of the most effective strategies for fighting tinnitus naturally. Though it doesn’t replace a visit to the doctor if things are not in good shape, it can work within the brain to support the elimination one of the most common reasons that the ringing continues – inflammation in or around the brain. The supplement requires no prior approval from a doctor to get the support, though users should speak with a doctor if they experience any adverse effects or if they currently take medication. Users can get support with the customer service team at any time, and the remedy just needs to be taken once a day to work.

When visiting the official website for the best prices with the lowest cost and biggest savings, consumers will be met with a video that asks is this brain nutrient the key to stop ear ringing and regain your silence by discovering the secret method used by the military that helps clear the ringing in your ears so you can havea peace of mind once again. The full Silencil story is worth the read if no other natural tinnitus relief solutions have worked so far as it tells a compelling history as to how the product's formulation came to be and the current results customers are already experiencing since its initial debut. The two month refund policy of ensuring the money back guarantee is easy to follow through on should the Silencil tinnitus relief pills not work for you, is the ultimate consumer protection notion that makes today a risk-free purchase.

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Silencil For Tinnitus


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