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Silicon Valley Hiring Expert Alana Fulvio: 5 Keys for Businesses to Successfully Hire in Any Market Condition

PALO ALTO, Calif., March 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Companies can overcome the challenges of hiring high performing, culturally aligned, and profit-generating employees. They must pivot correctly or risk more than profit loss, said Talent Acquisition Thought Leader, Alana Fulvio, President of Pendulum Global, based in Belmont, Calif.

"Employees are a companies' #1 asset," said Fulvio, who works directly with small to medium businesses (SMB), Venture Capital firms, investors, startups and hiring leaders, in any industry, to create the proper company culture by hiring the right talent, starting with Employee #1.

An expert on the Candidate Experience, retention and turning interview teams into high performing hiring leaders, Fulvio, a 16-year sought after veteran of hiring wars in Silicon Valley said, "Now is the time to invest in your people. Building strong relationships with candidates and all stakeholders is critical."

Fulvio, who internally worked, consulted as well as transformed hiring practices for companies like LinkedIn, GoPro, dv01, Medallia and AMD among many others, offers 5 tips to help companies succeed with hiring:

  • Create a Hiring Strategy: Leadership must efficiently communicate and use the right tools to create a hiring strategy including consistency, process, the candidate experience and communication structure with alignment from all stakeholders.
  • Invest in Interview Training: Leadership can equip their teams with the knowledge, skills, process and confidence to hire well, as individuals and as a team. 1:1 coaching or group trainings will increase their ability to make quality hires and enjoy being a part of the process.
  • Cultural Consistency: Every detail of your interview team's presence matters. How you show up reflects your cultural comparability. Create unification that includes anything in camera view presents a positive depiction of the company culture, always be on time and be positively engaged and well kept.
  • The Candidate Experience: Ensure your interviewers are aligned in a hiring process that creates a seamless, comfortable, engaging and collaborative experience. Read resumes in advance, arrive early, ensure interview questions are delegated and avoid interrogative tone by building on candidate responses with smooth transitions to next questions, be authentic and leave time for candidates to ask questions.
  • Create a Communication Strategy: Ensure interview debriefs happen within 24 hours, create an automatic reply to all applicants, reply to interviews within 48-72 hours and always communicate a hire or no hire to candidates. Discuss updates, process or issues.

Fulvio is available for remote or onsite consulting, advisory, training and facilitation and on retainer. Her solutions, including her proven workshop, can drive results in under 30 days. Go to www.pendulumglobal.com


Kevin Harrington, original Shark from the Shark Tank said, "You want to track down Alana Fulvio and Pendulum. Alana is America's top Hiring and Talent Acquisition Strategist and Advisor. Your role is so important. Their hiring teams weren't equipped to handle hiring the right way. You offer that to companies now."

"If you're serious about doing it right, then Alana is the perfect person to guide you and your team through the process. I'm positive that by the end of it you'll look back and be baffled by how you operated before her.," Perry Rahbar CEO dv01

"Alana is remarkable at what she does! We had her come into our organization to help us hire and retain better employees. The foundation of our recruiting function was altered and made to become unified and strong for the prosperity of current and future employees as well as the company as a whole.  It was eye-opening," said Rick Frakes, General Manager, Desert Cab Company.

Alana Fulvio is a 13-time world record holding athlete in Skydiving and 16-year top Silicon Valley in-house Talent Advisor and Recruiter turned global Hiring, People and Profit Strategist and Advisor focused on ensuring companies and their non-HR hiring teams, in any industry, get hiring right. She is disrupting the market and eliminating one of the world's biggest profit and culture draining blind spots with her innovative "plug-and-play" solutions that offer the market what it never has before.

She's the Hiring Thought Leader who has cracked the code on how to get Talent Acquisition and retention right, earlier. Alana and her team empower businesses with what they need to hire high performing cultures of retained and profit-driving employees with the least spend and time, with the highest ROI. She sees things far deeper and faster than most in her industry which gives her clients the upper hand.

Alana Fulvio 


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