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Silver Price Forecast – Silver Markets Rally On Wednesday

Christopher Lewis

Silver markets have rallied a bit during the trading session on Wednesday, reaching towards the $17.00 level. At this point, the market has run into a lot of trouble in that general vicinity, and as a result it looks as if the $17.00 level is in fact a major resistance barrier. However, we have bounced just a bit from the 200 day EMA which of course is a bullish sign at the 200 day EMA is considered to be a longer-term moving average that a lot of trend traders will follow.

SILVER Video 14.11.19

At this point, silver continues to be a market that shows a lot of resiliency, but if we were to break down below the $16.50 level, it could open up the trapdoor to much lower pricing. At this point, is very likely that the market participants would have a bit of a washout, as it would be a major “risk on” move. The fact that we have pulled back from the $17.00 level is a bit negative though, and at this point we are essentially squeezing between two major moving averages in the form of the 50 day EMA sloping lower.

I expect more volatility in this market, and perhaps more of an upward slant in the short term. There will be a major amount of choppiness in the short term, so those who are more or less “reversion to the mean” type of traders may find silver to their liking.

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