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Simon & Schuster Has Printed 1 Million Copies of Bob Woodward's 'Fear'

Glenn Fleishman
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    A publisher's favorite tactic is to by around 100,000 copies of a book they intend to push and put it on the best seller's list. Just check the bookshelves in your book store. All the books by Judge Jeanine and Gregg Jarrett fly off the shelves but the anti-Trump books are virtually untouched.
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    just saying
    Didn't buy Hillary's book, didn't buy Omarosa's book, didn't buy Micheal Wolf's book and certainly won't be buying Woodward's either. Really bad karma releasing his book on Setp. 11th. Each one of the above is guilty of trying to smear and make money off the back of our President...and the liberals are backing these stories?
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    Les Ismore
    Trump is still president.
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    Soooo......there needs to be a lot of hype to help sell the book.
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    on a bookshelf soon for .69 cents
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    CBS ownes Simon and Schuster. Is Who is going to write a tell all about Les Moonroves?
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    Skins to Win
    "Simon & Schuster Has Printed 1 Million Copies of Bob Woodward's 'Fear" Bad business decision - liberals don't read - they are closed minded and already have all of the answers.
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    John David
    Fiction always sells better than fact; however, the publisher is liberally optimistic.
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    Please vote out every Democrat out of office November and save the country from socialism.