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This is why Simone Biles looks so different

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Even gold medalists occasionally take a break from practice to primp. For gymnast Simone Biles that meant taking a good look at her eyebrows — and deciding microblading was for her.

Biles shared a video to Instagram of herself getting her eyebrows done. A repost from Sheila Bella Permanent Makeup, the team behind the new brows, shows that Biles smiles her way through the procedure. “Very natural, the way I wanted it,” Biles said. “I don’t have to worry about [my eyebrows] coming off in a competition because of sweating.”

The team at Sheila Bella is clearly smitten with Biles (much like the rest of America!). “Thank you Simone for trusting us with your beautiful face. It really was an honor having you in and servicing you,” the salon wrote on Instagram. “Great job to @cj_sheilabellapmu for giving … her brows fit for an Olympic Champion.” In a split-screen of the before and after, it’s easy to see the gorgeous results. Biles’s brows went from thin and sparse to thick, full, and natural-looking.

The video has received more than 100 comments, with fans weighing in with compliments for Biles and her brow upgrade. “YAS GIRL looks great!!!” wrote in one fan. “Omg they look so perfect!!” agreed another.

For the uninitiated, microblading is a form of permanent makeup (aka tattooing) to create the affect of fuller brows. Instead of a machine, your microblade artist uses a handheld tool to draw on your new brows. Ink is deposited in a feathered, hair-like pattern to mimic natural brows — like with Biles, often the goal is for brows to look so natural no one will know they’re the result of microblading. Before going in with any ink, you and your artist will try on a few stencils to decide which brow shape is best for your face.

The ink does go under your skin, so while technically this is a tattoo, it’s less permanent than a dolphin on your ankle. Results last up to three years, and some people come in as often as every six months for a touch-up. Since the face is washed often and exposed to the elements, length of results may vary.

Pain may also vary. “It’s about as uncomfortable as having a cavity filled or a getting teeth cleaning after you’ve been on a six-month coffee-drinking binge,” Veronica Webb shared about her experience. “The sensation feels like when you accidentally scrape yourself with a stick, but it’s over in about 90 minutes.” Biles claims that her treatment “didn’t really hurt” although she did feel “a couple parts.”

Most of us probably don’t have to worry about sweating off our brows during Olympic-level competitions. Still, microblading is growing exceedingly popular. If you want to pull off brows resembling Biles’s, make sure you research your artist thoroughly.

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