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Simplify Tax Time with These Downloadable Tax Donation Forms

Kendra Darr

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Tax season is upon us — are you ready? One of the hardest parts of taxes is making sure that all of your tax-deductible donations are organized. It’s important to keep track of them throughout the year so that you don’t have to go hunting when it comes time to file. Need a little help keeping track of your donations? We’ve compiled some tips and downloadable tax donation forms that should do the trick.

Organize all donation forms and receipts throughout the year.

Whether you complete your taxes yourself or have them professionally done, you need to have all of your paperwork in one place so might as well have it all together starting Jan. 1 of each year.

You can do this in a couple of ways: (A) Have two folders in rotation — you can use one to collect paperwork for the current year, and the other for the previous year’s paperwork (e.g., receipts, W-2s, year-end interest statements) as it’s coming in. To be even more organized, use one side for income and the other for deductions. Once your taxes have been filed, simply take all the papers in the folder and file them away with your return. Or, (B) You can organize all of your documents electronically. Try using a document scanning app, such as InstaPDF, Scanner Pro, or Genius Scan+. You can also use Manilla.com or the mobile apps to automatically get your documents in one place (Manilla auto retrieves your year-end statements).

Printable worksheets can help

Below are two different printables that are designed to help all of you get organized with your deductions. They are sized to be printed on 8.5×11 paper and can easily fit in the folder mentioned above or attached to a clipboard.

The first page is great for keeping track of monetary donations. It includes a spot for you to write the organization name, date, amount and whether or not you have received a receipt. At the end of the year, this will help you verify that you have received or printed all of the necessary receipts plus you won’t forget a donation deduction! Download Donation Tracking Sheet No. 1 >>

The second donation page is for keeping track of physical items that you donate. It includes two columns, one for the description of the item and a second for the value. I highly recommend adding a value to the list because it is a lot harder to remember exactly which T-shirt you donated six months ago and how much it was worth. If you donate a lot of items, I recommend taking a photo of all the items so that you have more proof if you ever get audited. Download Donation Tracking Sheet No. 2 >>

Do you have awesome tips for tax organization? Make sure you share them in the comments!

Disclaimer: These tips are based on personal experience. Consult a tax professional to learn what is right for your particular tax situation.

Kendra Darr is the founder of Simply {Darr}ling, a lifestyle blog that talks about various topics such as  DIY projects, recipes and adventures of life in general.

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