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‘Simpsons World’ Website to Offer Streaming of All 500-Plus Episodes

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The full 25-year run of The Simpsons will arrive on cable channel FXX with a summer marathon, to be followed this fall by a digital extravaganza that could turn other TV shows yellow with envy.

A website and app dubbed “Simpsons World” will allow on-demand access to all of the 500-plus episodes of Fox’s animated comedy and enable watchers to search through the life histories of Mr. Burns, Bart, and other lemon-hued Springfield residents.

“I’m not going to overpromise, but I think this website will provide you with affordable health care,” longtime Simpsons executive producer Al Jean told a TV critics’ meeting Monday. He said the accompanying app “completely blew me away.”

SimpsonsWorld.com and content available through FXNOW apps for devices including iPhone, Xbox, and smart TVs are set to debut in October. FXX’s marathon showing of all Simpsons episodes and The Simpsons Movie, in chronological order, will begin Aug. 21 and air 24 hours a day through Sept. 1.

Beginning on Sept. 2, FXX will regularly air The Simpsons throughout its weekday and weekend schedule, with a Sunday “mini-marathon” of eight episodes.

“Simpsons World,” the encyclopedic book by series creator Matt Groening, was the “bible” for the digital content, FX Networks executives said. Fans of Sideshow Bob, for instance, will see “curated” material that includes a list of his attempted murder victims Krusty the Clown and Homer Simpson, among others.

Clips and the treasure trove of Simpsons factoids can be shared through social media.

FXX announced last November that it had secured exclusive cable and video-on-demand rights to TV’s longest-running scripted show and winner of 28 Emmy Awards. For the first time in 20 years, however, the show missed out on a top-series nomination for this year’s awards, airing Aug. 25.

FXX will get future seasons of The Simpsons that air new on FOX.

FOX, FX, and FXX are owned by 21st Century Fox Inc.

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