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Singer Makes History By Recording First Ever Jazz Song About Soccer

Brian Evans recorded "A Beautiful Game," and the music video hosts an array of stars. Thematic Productions produced this, Evans fourth thematic music video.

NEW YORK, Nov. 29, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Most singers are looking for that platinum album, but Brian Evans has pursued legacy over the rewards of fortune, despite reaping the rewards that few other singers have garnered.

Brian Evans becomes the first writer and singer of a jazz song about the sport of soccer. The video was produced throughout the world. (PRNewsfoto/Thematic Productions)

In the 90's, before The Desert Inn was destroyed to become The Wynn Resort, Evans made sure to record a live album at the casino once known as home to Frank Sinatra.

In 2012, he recorded "At Fenway," co-starring William Shatner. The song was added to The National Baseball Hall of Fame Library in 2015.

The same year "At Fenway" entered the Hall of Fame, Evans recorded the song "Creature at The Bates Motel," becoming the first singer ever to film a music video at The Bates Motel, the iconic film location of the Alfred Hitchcock Estate, with the Estates full approval, to create his music video at the "Psycho" lot.

In 2017, he recorded his first cover for a music video, "Here You Come Again," on the island of Maui featuring both Dog The Bounty Hunter and Beth Chapman, with cameo's once again by Shatner and comedian Paul Rodriguez.

Now, in 2019, the singer who has opened for nearly a hundred headline acts, and who himself has headlined in Las Vegas, has become the first artist to write and perform a jazz song about the game of soccer. He also became the second singer in history, following singer Jennifer Lopez, to film a portion of that video at Mexico's Chichen Itza, one of the Seven Wonders of The World, as part of his "A Beautiful Game" music video, which will be released in January. Numerous celebrities co-star in the music video, which also was filmed in Miami, Los Angeles, Argentina, and elsewhere.

"I like to record songs that have a shelf life of forever. Thematic materials means it has a shot every year. Baseball isn't going away. Halloween isn't going away, and soccer is year-round and will never go away," he says.

Known for his music being placed on shows such as "BoJack Horseman" and "So You Think You Can Dance" among dozens of other shows, his albums have been distributed throughout the world. He is penning an autobiography entitled "The Opening Act," which will accept pre-orders on December 5th, including a coupon that entitles early buyers to a free special edition CD of some of his biggest thematic songs including "At Fenway," "A Beautiful Game," "Creature at The Bates Motel," "I'm A Traveler," and more. His producer, Narada Michael Walden (Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, George Michael) is slated to record a new album that will cover big band versions of ABBA hits.

"I like to do things different, but I like to do the things I do without interference by those who aren't artistic," says Evans, who has also written four fictional novels that are available worldwide and in audiobook format at Audible.com. His latest soccer related song, "A Beautiful Game," is now in consideration for the Guinness World Records, as the first jazz song ever to be written and recorded for the game of soccer. Add to that, Evans once even won the nomination for the US Congress in Hawaii, when he ran on the platform of medical errors in the United States.

Reelz Channel even produced a special detailing his friendship with actress Angelina Jolie in the special, "Angelina Jolie."

"My focus is on my career again," says Evans, who spent several years off radar following the loss of his mother after a routine knee surgery. "I'm doing what she'd want me to do again."

Evans has his sights on filming a music video for NASCAR next. The song, "Fast Car, NASCAR," was written by Evans mother.

Evans is considering a residency at a Las Vegas casino.

"If it's the right thing for me, I'll do it."

His fictional novel "Horrorscope," was just picked up by Westwind Comics to become a graphic novel.

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"A Beautiful Game," has found itself being filmed in numerous iconic locations. Evans is seen here filming at Chichen Itza, known as one of the Seven Wonders of The World in Mexico. Evans became the second solo artist to film there, with singer Jennifer Lopez being the first. (PRNewsfoto/Thematic Productions)
Detailing his life in his forthcoming autobiography, Brian Evans talks about opening for the nearly hundred celebrities he's opened for. He also talks about his life experiences including being the nominee for the US Congress in 2018 in Hawaii, and what led him to it. (PRNewsfoto/Thematic Productions)
Comedian Carrot Top joined Brian Evans in the first ever music video filmed at "The Bates Motel." Approved by The Alfred Hitchcock Estate, the video was filmed on the iconic film lot for the movie "Psycho." (PRNewsfoto/Thematic Productions)
Portrayed by actors, Brian Evans and actress Angelina Jolie were the subject of a special, "Angelina," on REELZ Channel this past year. (PRNewsfoto/Thematic Productions)
Evans co-wrote "The Funny Robbers" with Carrot Top manager Dan O'Leary. The book is currently in discussions to be brought to the film or TV screen. (PRNewsfoto/Thematic Productions)
Brian's novel, "Horrorscope," was just picked up by Westwind Comics, distributed by Diamond Comics, to become a graphic novel. Evans has written four fictional novels available at Amazon and in audiobook format at Audible.com. (PRNewsfoto/Thematic Productions)
Evans recorded "At Fenway" in 2012. His homage to The Boston Red Sox was added to the library of The National Baseball Hall of Fame in 2015. The song was co-produced by his mother, Helen Marie Bousquet, and Mark Andrew Biltz. Both also appear in the video, which co-stars William Shatner. (PRNewsfoto/Thematic Productions)
Brian Evans is currently developing his next album with multiple Grammy Award winner Narada Michael Walden, known for his producing of Whitney Houston, Stevie Wonder, and Aretha Franklin. The album will feature big band renditions of ABBA classics. (PRNewsfoto/Thematic Productions)

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