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SK-II Is Back With New "PITERA™ Masterclass"


NEW YORK, June 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Global prestige skincare brand SK-II is back with more skincare action and antics with the release of "PITERA™ Masterclass", its newest installation in "Bare Skin Chat", a first of its kind beauty entertainment web series featuring James Corden and Naomi Watanabe.

Binge-watch the “PITERA™ Masterclass” series on SK-II’s Youtube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLCsr5OrxkU

With a fresh comedic take on the skincare conversation, "Bare Skin Chat" sparked a frenzy of excitement from netizens all over the world — "So need to watch this", "Oh my gosh, this is hilarious", "Wanna watch this again and again!" when it launched in April this year. The beauty entertainment web series amassed over 200 million views and left fans eagerly awaiting its next installment –"When can I watch the next episode?".

In the new "PITERA™ Masterclass", James Corden and Naomi Watanabe venture out of the bathroom and land themselves in an even unlikelier location—a sake brewery in the heart of Japan. The duo goes in search of the origins of PITERA™--one of J-Beauty's best kept secrets and the signature ingredient in SK-II's iconic bestseller "PITERA™ Essence".

The "PITERA™ Masterclass also unveils new cast members—Tang Wei, actress and SK-II Brand Ambassador and literally introduces a "Legend" in the legend of Pitera™ with award-winning singer and songwriter John Legend. 

This is John Legend's first collaboration with global prestige skincare brand SK-II. Fans can look forward to John Legend's release of "Oh PITERA™", an original love song and music video dedicated to none other than SK-II's iconic bestseller—PITERA™ Essence.

"PITERA™ Masterclass" sheds light on the legendary story of PITERA™; the chance observation of the sake brewers' youthful looking hands in contrast to their old wrinkled faces. Born in Japan, the makings of PITERA™ has been kept top secret and unchanged since launch.  Known for its transformative powers, millions of women who used it have experienced Crystal Clear Skin and swear by it, lovingly calling it the "Miracle Water".

"We wanted everyone to know about PITERA™. It's so amazing and it would truly be a shame if we didn't find a way to let the world know how amazing it is." shared Sandeep Seth, Vice President, Global SK-II. "So we thought, what better way to do this than to work with a legendary singer songwriter –John Legend to create a song for it. This is our PITERA™ love song to the world."   

Binge-watch the "PITERA™ Masterclass" series on SK-II's Youtube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLCsr5OrxkU 

About SK-II 
For more than 38 years, SK-II has touched the lives of millions of women around the world through skin and life transformation. The fascinating story behind SK-II began with a quest to understand why elderly sake brewers had wrinkled faces, but extraordinarily soft and youthful-looking hands. These hands were in constant contact with the sake fermentation process. It took years of research for scientists to isolate the miracle Pitera™, a naturally-derived liquid from the yeast fermentation process. Since then, SK-II with Pitera™ has become a special secret shared by celebrities all over the world such as Chloe Grace Moretz, Behati Prinsloo Levine, Tangwei, Ni Ni, Chun Xia, Haruka Ayase and Kasumi Arimura and Naomi Watanabe. For the latest news and in-depth information, please visit http://www.sk-ii.com

John Legend’s first collaboration with global prestige skincare brand SK-II
SK-II’s iconic bestseller “PITERA™ Essence”

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