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Ski fan takes advantage of snowfall to take a run down town's streets

This video shows the moment one man took advantage of the recent snow to practice his skiing – down the street.

As snowfall across the country brought travel chaos and disruption, Olly Danning decided to get his ski gear out and practice his skills.

The 34-year-old was filmed making his way down the streets of Wadebridge, Cornwall.

But the footage emerged as experts warned of the dangers of skiing in urban areas, urging enthusiasts to stick to the countryside and parks.

Olly Danning practiced his ski skills in Wadebridge, Cornwall (Picture: SWNS)

Olly said the conditions were perfect for skiing, saving him a trip abroad.

He said: “It wasn’t quite the alps but it was good enough. The snow that came down was great! It was just like being abroad, enough came down that I didn’t completely tear my skis to bits.

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“It dumped it down for about two hours then it cleared and the sun came out.

“It’s not something you usually see in Wadebridge, not much left now though.”

Olly said the snowfall had saved him a trip abroad (Picture: SWNS)

But as freezing conditions continue, experts have warned of the dangers of skiing in urban areas, urging people to stick to the countryside.

Daniel Loots, from the Ski Club of Great Britain, advised against skiing or snowboarding on the street or pavement as “although it looks fun it’s pretty dangerous”.

He said there is a danger of collisions as well as the possibility that the snow is full of grit.

“Pavement users may not have the ability to stop or turn should you be on course for collision,” he said.

“Being towed by a vehicle can also put the driver at risk of being fined for dangerous driving.”

Experts have warned people to stick to the countryside when it comes to skiing (Picture: PA)

Mr Loots said ski touring, where groups set out to hike and ski across the countryside, is becoming increasingly popular in the UK.

He said: “If you have a hill nearby and you’ve got some snow and skis then there are plenty of good conditions around.”

But he urged people to check the weather forecast regularly, as well as making sure they are not trespassing on private land.

“With a lot of high winds and heavy snow you can get some difficult conditions,” he added.

“Make sure you take extra clothing, food and water when you go ski touring.”