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Sky broadband down: Internet service stops working, leaving customers unable to load web pages

Andrew Griffin
Fast.com uses Netflix's server to check your download speed: Michael Bocchieri/Getty Images

Sky broadband has stopped working, leaving people unable to connect to the internet.

The issue has since been fixed, after network engineers traced the problem to a broken network card.

"Our broadband service is back up and running, and we’re sorry for the disruption caused to some of our customers this morning," a Sky spokesperson said.

Earlier the network appeared to have broken, leaving users with no internet connection and no obvious fix to get it working.

"Our engineers are working hard to investigate and resolve the issues that are impacting customers' broadband services across parts of the UK," it wrote on its status page.

There were no issues with Sky TV or the associated apps, the company said.

Sky – along with BT, TalkTalk, Virgin Media and Zen Internet – is one of a range of internet companies that have promised to give customers refunds if their internet stops working for long enough.

The outage comes just days after Labour said it would provide free broadband and nationalise the country's internet infrastructure, should it win the election.

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