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SL Account Management Helps Post-Secondary Graduates

IRVINE, CA / ACCESSWIRE / May 14, 2019 / SL Account Management recognizes the need for post-secondary graduates to have help paying down their student loans. They are a private company who works solely on behalf of their clients, and they don't receive payment until the new loan forms have been processed and the payment schedule is under way. They are not affiliated with the Department of Education, any government agency, or loan servicer. SL Account Management provides their clients with the valuable services of financial analysis, document preparation and processing, and yearly recertification. Once you have an SL representative advocating on your behalf, you will be made aware of any and all government-assistance debt relief programs you may be eligible for, and their financial guidance can get you started on the right track towards financial freedom.

Financial Analysis

When you call SL Account Management, you will be assigned an experienced and knowledgeable agent who will conduct a comprehensive financial analysis. They will find out exactly what type of student loan you have, analyze your current repayment schedule, your financial situation and obligations, and discuss your financial goals with you. This one-on-one budgetary consultation is the best part of the SL Account Management service as every borrower's situation is different, and this customized approach is what helps people the most.

Documents Preparation and Processing

When to comes to financial paperwork, coordinating it all can be overwhelming and confusing. Applying for government assistance debt-relief programs can involve a number of lengthy applications and deadlines. Your SL agent will take over this stressful aspect of your finances so you can focus on obtaining a thorough understanding of your financial situation and making a plan to meet your financial goals. With the document processing and preparation taken over for you, the process is simplified and much of the stress is removed for you.

Many borrowers are unaware of the government assistance debt relief programs available to them, and with the potential of loan forgiveness, SL Account Management make sure their clients are empowered with the knowledge of all the resources and programs available to them. Taking over the paperwork involved in these avenues makes the process simpler and more manageable for borrowers who are already overwhelmed by their student loan amounts and complicated repayment schedules.

Yearly Recertification

One of the great reports client of SL Account Management give is that their SL agent, from the first financial consultation, works with you right through to the end. Having one person advocating for you that has a comprehensive understanding of your finances and future goals is a great advantage and provides a high standard of service. The SL team remains working with you through the yearly recertification of your loan all the way until the end of your term. They ensure that your recertification is done on time and help keep you on the right path toward loan forgiveness.

It is important that those who are struggling with student loans understand that they are not alone in the process. Companies like SL Account Management have made a business out of providing much-needed financial assistance to those who are trying to pay down their student debt and get control of their futures. With the recent downturn in the American economy, more people turned to getting an education as a means of securing a brighter future for themselves, but what many didn't anticipate was the heavy burden of student loans after graduation, coupled with the challenge of finding employment in their chosen industry. If you or someone you know is feeling frustrated with their student loan situation and is looking for some assistance, put a call into SL Account Management today.


SOURCE: SL Account Management

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