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Small Purchases That Will Save You Money in the Long Term

Monica Ricci


Ingram Publishing

Ingram Publishing


Several years ago, I bought a mug warmer for $7 and at the time I said it was the best seven bucks I’d ever spent. It kept my tea warm for hours while I worked and meant I didn’t have to get up to reheat my mug every half hour.

Another of my favorite small purchases was a clothing shaver I bought a few years ago. Several of my designer name sweaters were beginning to pill and I wanted to extend their life. Little did I know how much money this compact device would save me! Compare the $10 cost of a clothing shaver to prematurely replacing sweaters and dress pants because of pilling and there’s absolutely no contest.

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Here are some other items that will save you money over the long haul.

Reusable K-Cups
Single-cup coffee makers like the Keurig have become uber-popular for their convenience, but the actual price of the coffee ends up being between $31 and $51 per pound! If you’re a single-cup brewer, save yourself some serious cash by using a reusable K cup that you fill yourself with the coffee of your choice.

Cost: Between $10 and $20

Approximate savings in one year (based on 2 cups of coffee per day at $15/pound): $210 – $240

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Self-Filtering Water
Americans spend a total of $15 billion (BILLION!) on bottled water annually, with the average person consuming roughly 167 bottles. That’s about one bottle every two days. Not only is the water itself costly (about $267 per year per person as compared to .02 per gallon for tap water as a national average) the environmental impact of millions of plastic bottles is hefty.

To save money (and plastic), outfit your fridge with a Brita dispenser and carry a self-filtering reusable water bottle during the day. You’ll always have filtered water available without the clutter and cost of bottled.

Approximate cost for dispenser, bottle, and replacement filters: $88

Money saved in one year over drinking bottled water: $180

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Keyboard Cover

This one isn’t so much a money saver, as an insurance policy. How much did your laptop computer cost? For the machine and the software my Macbook was about $1,500. One accidental coffee, water or soda spill can be disastrous. A cute keyboard skin (available at Amazon.com) for the Macbook has saved my bacon more than once and it comes in a variety of fun colors, too. There are skins available for the PC, as well — just be sure to get the one designed for your specific keyboard.

Cost: $1 – $6

Savings realized by not having to replace a ruined laptop: Thousands

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