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New smart bathroom mirror is a total game-changer

Chris Smith

If you thought that the Google Now-ready smart mirror a Googler came up with not too long ago was the best possible bathroom mirror you could imagine, then your mind is about to be blown by an even cooler design. This new smart mirror can run a bunch of apps, and it can even hail Ubers for you when it determines that you’re late for work.

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Ryan Nelwan created this incredible mirror concept that features a touchscreen interface and support for widgets. The unnamed device can play music and videos, and browse pictures or the web while you’re getting ready for work. The interface is pretty straightforward, and any smartphone and tablet user will know what to do. Tap and swipe the mirror to run apps, or type on the integrated virtual keyboard to perform a search.

On top of that, you can use various gestures to change the volume and even to manage the temperature of your home’s heating system via Nest integration. Yes, there would be plenty of smudges on the mirror, well beyond what’s expected from a “dumb” mirror, but it would all be worth it.

Nelwan, an engineer at app design studio Swipe Labs, came up with his own operating system for the mirror. Yes, some of those icons might look like stuff you see on Apple products, but the mirror isn’t running iOS or OS X.

The full video showing Nelwan’s creation follows below – and yes, you’ll want one of these installed in your bathroom as soon as possible.


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