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Smart Fourjoy Concept Scoots Its Way into Frankfurt

Jeff Perez

We’ll be the first to say that there have been a lot of questionable decisions with regards to Smart concept cars in recent history. The Smart Forstars, the Smart For-us, and our personal favorite, the Smart ForJeremy round out the puzzling concept lineup. Now, yet another odd concept that somehow made its way into fruition; the Smart Fourjoy.

A shiny, topless and doorless preview of things to come, perhaps? Naturally, the Fourjoy won’t be hitting production anytime soon looking this naked, but, it does give us a preview of what the automaker is calling “a smart new generation.” One can arrive at the conclusion that this is a preview, of sorts, for a new and improved Forfour.

smart four joy

Power comes in the form of a 74-hp (55 kW) electric motor, which takes an approximate seven hours to charge from a standard socket. Unfortunately, Smart didn’t give any official details on the range of the electric concept.

You can check out this quirky convertible (or, whatever you’d like to call it) when it hits the stage in Frankfurt next week.

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