Smart Glass Technologies Introduces Innovative Solution for School Safety and Privacy

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PriWatt(TM) film, a PDLC film, enhances security and privacy in educational environments without compromising natural light or aesthetics.

Miami, Florida--(Newsfile Corp. - April 17, 2023) - With security threats on the rise in US schools, parents, teachers, and institutions are searching for practical and effective methods to ensure student safety. Smart Glass Technologies is dedicated to enhancing lives worldwide by providing affordable and practical solutions for increased privacy and security.

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William Vasile Turcan, CEO of Smart Glass Technologies, commented on the introduction of PriWatt™️ film, "We are proud to offer a product that can make a real difference in the safety and well-being of students and staff in educational environments. Our goal is to empower schools with the tools they need to create secure spaces without compromising aesthetics or natural light."

PriWatt™️ film, a type of polymer-dispersed liquid crystal (PDLC) film, is a smart glass solution that can improve school safety during security situations. The film can be applied to existing glass, turning it transparent or frosted/opaque within seconds by clicking a switch. The remote control capabilities allow for quick activation by teachers and administrators, blocking views without getting close to the glass.

When applied to classroom doors and windows, PriWatt™️ film creates a physical barrier to shield students and staff from potential dangers. It provides precious time for evacuation during delicate situations. In addition, the film keeps the broken glass intact, preventing easy access for intruders during forced entry scenarios.

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Besides enhancing security, PriWatt™️ film promotes a safe, private, and comfortable learning environment for students. The cost-effective solution is compatible with existing windows and doors, eliminating the need for extensive construction or renovation.

It is crucial to note that PDLC film is not a substitute for other security measures, such as emergency drills and active security training. Instead, it should complement these methods to maximize safety.

In summary, PriWatt™️ film is an efficient and versatile solution for schools facing security threats. By establishing a barrier between potential threats and those inside, PDLC film offers an additional layer of protection in emergencies, ultimately providing peace of mind for the entire school community.

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